January 24, 2021

How to Limit Your Monthly Android Mobile Data Usage

It is sort of refreshing and liberating how with the help of our smartphones and tablets, we can touch bases with the ones we like on a regular basis. We can listen to the music of our choice, collaborate over a project with our office colleagues or have a video chat with someone etc, all while completely being on the move. The only thing that we need other than our very own handheld is an efficient mobile internet connection.


And perhaps that seems to be the problem of the hour. The browsing experience provided by various handheld devices is so addictive and indulging, that often we surpass the monthly free limit and come back home to rather large and copious and thoroughly despicable and uncomforting mobile internet bill. Would you like a sort of warning and an in-built mechanism that would prevent you from using the mobile internet any further once you cross the limit that you set at the starting of the period? If so then follow this tutorial and we’ll let you know that best way to curb down and proactively reduce the consumption of the mobile data.

Setting a Limit on the Mobile Data Usage of Your Android

In order to set a limit on the internet usage from your Android phone or tab, you would have to follow the following steps: Go to the ‘Settings’ tab on your home screen or amongst the applications and then choose the ‘Wireless and Networks’ section. From there select the ‘Data Usage’. There will be an on-off tab for using the ‘Mobile Data’ on the top of the screen. If you wish to use the mobile data, you would have to check that the button is switched on.
Once you check the mobile data, search for the ‘Data Usage Cycle’ from the drop-down menu. This is the feature that will help you choose the range in which you would like to measure the data. There will be a set of white lines and you can simply drag the same, in order to reach to the desired amount.

Now, let us create a warning limit for the data usage. This can be done easily by dragging the orange colored line from the right hand side up to a level where you would like it to be. Now, between the dates that you will set, the moment the data reaches the warning limit, you will get an instant notification intimating about the same.

Furthermore, you may use the Android Now feature to completely ban the usage of mobile data beyond a particular point. With the help of it, after a certain specified amount, Android will simply not use the mobile data for the given time limit. Just enable the feature by checking the ‘Set Mobile Data Limit’ and you will be greeted by a dialogue box asking for further information about the same. Provide the necessary information and after that click on Okay. Once you do that, you would see a red light, hovering over the graph, become active. Just drag the same line from the right hand side, in order to set a limit of the same. Be sure about the limit that you set as it is going to decide how much you would save by the end of the month.

Once the limit is reached, none of the features requiring internet would work, if you are out of the range of a Wi-Fi. And that might be a bit inconvenient, but if at the end of the month it means surplus cost cuttings and better savings, you might just want to go for it. Remember to choose the limit wisely. Be conservative but not frugal – and of course, definitely not extravagant. Set a realistic and practical limit.

Let us know if the solution worked for you, and also how many bucks were you able to save at the end of the month in the comments section below.

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