May 19, 2024
How To Create A Virtual Machine In VMware

How To Create A Virtual Machine In VMware?

A Virtual Machine(VM) is a computed resource that uses software to run programs and install apps rather than hardware. To create a virtual machine in VMware is a hectic task that must be secured, easier and faster. While users create a Virtual Machine in VMware step by step, it takes less time as compared to other processes.

While making a new virtual machine in VMware, you should visit VMware tools & features details, guides, and how they work. After going through it, you can open a Virtual Machine in VMware by just following our simple guide.

How to make a new virtual machine in VMware- Workstation?

Steps To Create A Virtual Machine In VMware Workstation

A user can create a virtual machine in VMware through various tools and products of VMware. You must choose a VMware tool according to hardware version and compatibility. Then the virtual machine will be stronger to behave with your command and make your work faster. Also if you want to create a virtual machine in Windows 10 you must have to choose the compatible version then follow our guide. Also, save maximum on its various products just by using our VMware coupon code. Also, if you use this coupon during the VMware Black Friday 2022 then you can get the maximum discount on it.

We provide a proper VMware virtual machine download through using Workstation in only 10 steps:

  1. On Workstation, click on “New Virtual Machine” 
  2. Select the type of VM and method 
  3. After selecting the method click “Next
  4. Select the Guest OS, Tap on “Next”. You can install OS with two methods-
    • An installer disc (CD & DVD)
    • An installer disc image file (ISO)
  5. Enter credentials( Product key, User name & Password).
  6. Enter VM name and saved the VM, click on “Next”.
  7. Set up disk size at first place full disk and on another place max 2GB. 
  8. Tap on “Next
  9. Cross-check the configuration or specs setting before create new virtual machine in VMware.
    • Memory – Set the memory amount for the new virtual machine.
    • Digital versatile disc – In advanced settings, you can choose between SCSI, IDE.
    • Processors – Change according you want the processor’s number, cores per processor, VMware virtualization engine. 
    • Network adapter – Set up or customize according to you between 0 to 9 adapters allowed. Also configure, with the bridge, NAT, or Host-only mode.
    • USB Controller.
    • Sound card.
    • Display – Turn the toggle to the right to enable 3D graphics.
  10. Now, the process is done so, click “Finish

After VMware virtual machine is downloaded it can start auto-syncing with it.


Mainly VM provides two methods choose one of them that is Custom & Typical 

  • At custom: Provide users to choose its hardware compatibility according to Workstation that is: Workstation 16.x, Workstation 15. x, Workstation 14. x
  • At Typical: Best one that creates the Virtual Machine according to your Workstation version.

Recommend to those users who choose “custom” then, just remember if your hardware version is not compatible with the Virtual machine version you might face problems.

If hardware is not compatible with VM, this may indicate through VM failing to power on. Some are unavailable also and your guest operating system may not work properly. If VM does not work correctly, then must view the below list. Here you can find which hardware version is compatible with which and how many products. Get an amazing money-saving offer by using the VMware Workstation discount code. With the use of this coupon, you can buy VMware Workstation software at an affordable price.

Virtual Hardware Version & VMware products List

If users have Hardware versions below 10 then they can choose any product they want. But some higher products need proper, optimized especially hardware versions. 

To create a virtual machine in VMware, we have explained by using their three products Workstation, Fusion, & ESXi. All others are under testing as we want to provide a non-biased opinion also they have their specified specialty in other fields.

Virtual Hardware VersionVMware Products
19ESXi 7.0 U2
  • ESXi 7.0 (7.0.1)
  • Workstation Pro 16. x
  • Fusion 12. x
17ESXi 7.0  (7.0.0)
  • Workstation Pro 15. x
  • Workstation Player 15. x
  • Fusion 11. x
15ESXi 6.7 U2
  • ESXi 6.7
  • Workstation Pro 14. x
  • Fusion 10. x
13ESXi 6.5
  • Workstation Pro 12. x
  • Workstation Player 12. x
  • Fusion 8. x
  • ESXi 6.0
  • Workstation 11. x
  • Fusion 7. x
  • ESXi 5.5
  • Workstation 10. x
  • Fusion 6. x

Which OS is best to create VM in VMware vCenter?

Steps To Create A Virtual Machine In VMware vCenter

VMware responds very actively regarding their products, service & customer care, regularly updates for customer convenience. As many users want to create Linux virtual machine in VMware for that users, VMware also updated many products according to Linux.

As we have discussed, choosing compatible versions of the product according to hardware version for creating a virtual machine in Windows 10 is the wiser choice. To create VM in VMware vCenter and create Linux virtual machine in VMware is the best combination ever to boost performance & security.

As we explained below this paragraph, make sure before you create a virtual machine in VMware through ESXi step by step. For that, you must have its compatible hardware version. Create VM in VMware vCenter as same as for ESXi VMware virtual machine download. Recommend to macOS users, that create Virtual Machine Vmware Fusion is compatible and works perfectly with your macOS.

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How To Create New Virtual Machine in VMware ESXi Step By Step?

Steps To Create A Virtual Machine In VMware ESXi

The latest version of VMware ESXi 7.0 U2 (7.0.2) and even the older version all are able to create new virtual machines in VMware. For accessing VMware ESXi users have Vcenter control or vSphere web client to VMware virtual machine download.

Launch the vSphere Client using the vCenter Server after that, In VMware create virtual machine step by step easily and securely. 

  1. Click on the Host then, select “Action Menu
  2. Click on “New Virtual Machine” 
  3. Tap on “Select the Creation type”, 
  4. Choose to create a new virtual machine in VMware, then “Next
  5. Give a name to VM, select “Datacenter” and click on “Next
  6. Select according to you an ESXi host 
  7. Click Yes on the “Compatibility checks succeeded” option.
  8. Select the Datastore where your new machine configuration setting is stored
  9. Select the ESXi version that is compatible with you
  10. Choose the guest operating system and enter its credentials then click “Next
  11. Setup its Hardware according to OS requirements and then, click on “Finish
  12. Create a new virtual machine in the VMware process is done. Install required OS and tap on “Edit setting” and make changes.

Now, your VMware virtual machine download, and you are able to boost your productivity. Recommend to users who create a virtual machine in Windows 10 by using Workstation pro, then it is more compatible and works faster than ESXi.

Create Virtual Machine Vmware Fusion- 

Whenever users choose to create a new virtual machine in VMware they must want to complete it at minimized time. For this, you can create virtual machine VMware fusion is the best step for beginners. While it commonly has Fusion 12. x, 11. x, and 10. x, which are the most reliable & faster versions of Fusion for VMware virtual machine download.

We have explained through simple steps so that users can create the virtual machine properly in working condition.

  1. Go to File > New.
  2. At More options > Continue 
  3. Create a new virtual machine.
  4. Select Operating system version
  5. Set up settings and Click Finish 

As through, VMware virtual machine can enhance productivity and provide growth at annual net productivity. Also, it is cost-effective and faster to create a virtual machine in VMware. As users create Virtual Machine Vmware Fusion and use that with macOS then it is more compatible than other VMware products.

Can VMware Players Create Virtual Machines?

To make a virtual machine in a VMware player is now possible with its latest version named VMware player plus. It can be compatible run with Virtual machines created by other VMware products also.

What Are The Types Of Hypervisors?

Hypervisors are mainly used while choosing products from VMware. There are mainly two types 

  • Bare Metal- On the host, hardware directly starts working. 
  • Hosted- It makes a software layer on an OS.

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