July 24, 2024
A comparison of Dr.Fone vs EaseUs

Dr. Fone vs EaseUs

What can be worse than lost data? However, there are various data recovery programs are present in the market. But two of the most popular data recovery software are EaseUS and Dr. Fone. Maybe many of you already know about them but are confused, which one is best Dr. Fone or EaseUS? Don’t worry here we came with the article Dr Fone vs EaseUs to help you choose the best-suited software for yourself. 

As we all know, data is the most important thing nowadays. If somehow you lost the important file and are looking for the best fast alongside the cheapest software which you should choose? Get your answers in this article and get the best one for your system. Let’s start with an overview of the companies: EaseUS and Dr. Fone.

Overview: EaseUs vs Dr. Fone

Before comparing Dr. Fone vs EaseUs, both of the data recovery software, quickly have an overview of them.

Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is a Wondershare product that provides mobile solutions provider founded in 2003 that is spread across 195 countries. It serves more than 50 million users and solves the various issues of users. Dr. Fone has more than 10 years of experience, through the top-ranked software it is providing services to 50,000,000+ users. It is the world’s first software provider for both android recovery and iOS data recovery. Other than this there are multiple products offered by Wondershare on which you can save maximum with Wondershare coupon code.


EaseUs data recovery software is a reliable and easy-to-use software for different types of users. It is the leading provider in the storage management domain and data recovery part. Currently spread over 180 countries and having a million users of different domains. EaseUs was founded in 2004 dedicated to providing the best R & D technology. This program has three series types of products that contain Data Recovery, Backup & Recovery, and Partition Management.  

Features comparison: Dr. Fone vs EaseUS

Features comparison of Dr.Fone vs EaseUS

Here we have compared Easeus and Dr. Fone on the basis of 3 important factors that are necessary for every data recovery software. The simple solution to their confusion is just to take a glance at where these two are winning in features comparison.

  1. Performance

If we compare the performance of both EaseUs vs Dr. Fone software. There are various tests to check the performance of both of the programs. The same amount of photos are deleted from various operating systems to check which can recover the best for checking the performance. Dr. Fone and EaseUS both retrieve the data but EaseUS took less time than Dr. Fone. Both of them perform well but EaseUS deep scan works faster than Dr. Fone.

   2. Data Recovery

When it comes to data nothing can be worse than a deleted or missing important file. So EaseUs and Dr. Fone both provide data recovery features so that you can recover your lost data. But the question arises which one is best here? 

If we talk about how you can recover the data, you can connect your phone to the computer to scan the drive and get back from Cloud backups. Dr. Fone is the best one for specific files its preview options are robust which makes it best than EaseUS.

3. Platforms

Dr. Fone and EaseUs both provide support to Windows. But, wait there are various other platforms or operating systems as well that need data recovery. For that Dr. Fone covers Android, Mac, iPhone, and iPad as well. But EaseUS is only compatible with Windows and Mac devices. So if you are not windows or Mac user then Dr. Fone is the best choice for you. 

Here is the EaseUs vs Dr. Fone review and comparison of features through which it is very clear that EaseUs performance is better than Dr. Fone. But Dr. Fone has more devices compatibility as compared to EaseUs.

Pricing and Plans Comparison Of EaseUs and Dr. Fone

Price comparison of Dr.Fone vs EaseUs

In the pricing differentiation of Dr. Fone vs EaseUs, unfortunately, none of them is freely available but provides a free trial. Dr. Fone and EaseUs provides a free trial for 30 days on which you can use it with limited features but not provide free recovery data. There is a free plan which you can opt for if you want to restore five contacts, and single audio or video. 

Dr. Fone has a one-year plan for $59.95 for Windows and $69.95 for Mac users. There is also a lifetime offer of $69.95 for Windows and $79.95 for Mac users. By choosing these plans you can recover data of up to 5 devices. Besides this, you can buy this software at a discount rate by using Dr Fone WhatsApp transfer coupon code.

EaseUS provides paid versions of cost $69.95 and $89.95 for Windows and Mac operating systems respectively. But, here you can connect as many devices as you can using EaseUS as software.

Fone vs EaseUS: User Support

Both of the EaseUs and Dr. Fone data recovery platforms provide best-in-class support to users. But again the same question: which is best – Dr. Fone or EaseUs? Dr. Fone provides online support from Monday to Friday for 24 hrs support via live chat or call. This company works well on detailed videos tutorials for users so that they can get short walkthrough videos and get their things done.

On the other hand, EaseUS offers 24-hour support. In detail, chat support is available from 9 PM to 5:30 AM and phone support from 9 PM to 10 AM. There are also detailed videos here as well but we compare both their qualities Dr. Fone contains the best ones!

Conclusion: Dr. Fone vs EaseUs, Which One Is Better?

In the differentiation of EaseUs and Dr. Fone, we get to conclude everything for a clear winner. EaseUS can be considered best as its deep scan run is faster than Dr. Fone and the pricing is even lesser than Dr. Fone. But if we talk about various operating systems which have the best platforms Dr. Fone is the winner as it is compatible with different operating systems. Dr. Fone has different price ranges as well. So, in the end, it’s up to your requirement which suits you. Choose wisely as the data matters!

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