July 24, 2024

Copyright Policy

Why Certificate Our content ?

To improve the adhesion of their website with the material of one of our many websites. Lower your overhead article and representatives with regular support of our sites. Improve data of his followers with design information and data specific mechanical advance to your location.

Permissions :

  • After getting the required permission from me, you can continue to the next stage of the publication of the substance.
  • Determine that you are not copying the entire material or content, only a section of said accumulations up to 6-7 .
  • You must prove beyond a doubt that this material is owned  IT News of Technology and must provide credit to our blog or website.

Connecting with our substance !

If you use our site selections, you need backlink to the substance from which you handled the cut. You can distribute backlinks made? Ready for our site. It would be ideal if we take into consideration of this Commission is not in our range substance or other material on its website, however, only to make an integrated content website connects with the website of our material. Please do not use any of our images or photographs as connections. Obtain the right to request the end of those interfaces.

Noncommercial Use :

In case you want to use the material for different explanations , please contact us. Articles from IT News of Technology can only be copied after the permissions from the  Owner of the website.

Copyright Violation and Misuse :

In the event that you discover a resale website / weblog our RSS sustains or work material illegally, a topic will be indexed official machine with advertising partners and the DMCA department of their web hosting provider .


May I link to your site?

From ITNT you may post a text link to your site. If there is a problem to have in contemplation this is not mixing permission to our substance or other material on their website, but just to make a content site page interface on their website made to our material. Please do not use any of our images or trademarks as hyperlinks. We reserve the right to request the termination of any such links .

Our copyright clause  is that it looks like :

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