Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

iPhone has come a long way since it was launched for the first time. Like any other phone, one of the most common attributes of an iPhone is its camera. And in order to give its user a wide array of choice in photo editing, Apple has come up with different apps over the years that one can use to jazz up their pictures in the most attractive way. Here I am discussing top 10 photo apps that is going to give immense pleasure and joy to the user.

#Filterstorm: If you have been searching for an iOS app that can stand up to the editing features of Mac OS X then you have got your prayer answered in the form of Filterstorm. This app allows you to import pictures so that you can process them in the raw format. This is not enough one can uses the different editing tools like the color correction, sharpening and vignetting, manipulation and even noise reduction. This is not all. All the features are mentioned in the interface so that one can use it in the most convenient way.

#PhotoGene: compared to the first app, this one also has some interesting features in the form of preset effects that you can easily opt for depending on the kind of effect that you would like to achieve.One can add a text on the picture, add or subtract a shadow effect along with a frame tool as well as speech bubbles that you can use on the picture to convey something that you would like to say. One of the major strengths of this app is that you can easily share the picture in Facebook, twitter and other Social Medias.

#Photoshop Express: if you are looking for a basic photo editor then you can opt for this app. Compared to the previous two apps mentioned it has very few editing features and comes with preset features that are quite garish to say the least. But with this app one can flip, rotate and even resize the picture. Unlike the other two apps it has no clone tool and one can only undo the last edit done. However the self timer and the auto review is a great option as it allows one to check the previous photo clicked before you decide to click the next one. However in order to avail all these features you need to download the Camera Pack.

#Camera+: this app is relatively easy to use and has features that you will find in a digital camera. Features like Sunset, Cloudy and Backlit are there that can be used. One can use this app in two different ways. One can either edit the already stored pictures in your phone’s library or you can also use it to edit the clicked pictures. Both ways this app makes the best use of the iPhone app in order to give you a great result.

#PhotoPal: the interface of this app is very informative as it provides the user with a clear idea of what each tool is used for. Some of its popular editing features include the rudimentary Spot Healing tool, De-noise and so on.

#FX Photo Studio HD: compared to the other apps this one is alright. Neither does it have too many features nor does it lack the basics. In other words it is a so-so app that allows you to resize, flip, crop and rotate but you cannot straighten the tool.

#iDarkroom: the preset features like the texture, vignette, cross process and bokeh are quite fun to use. You can easily user the pictures from both the phone’s library of saved pictures as well as the just clicked ones that you would like to edit. Once the editing is complete you can easily share the pictures in Facebook, twitter and so on.

#Best Camera: the main aim of this app is to help you edit the pictures so that you can share it with your friends on a jiffy. However none of the effects are named and you need to try out each one of them to see what it does. Each of the effects is represented by a suitable icon. Once edited, you can share the picture in different Social Medias of your choice.

#TiltShift Generator: this app is perfect when you want to edit a cityscape. The different preset features help you to fade in, fade out, and contrast the different areas of the picture so as to achieve the look that you desire.

#Instagram: although it is not a photo editing tool (it is more on the lines of a photo sharing media) but it comes with a variety of editing tools that you can easily use to achieve the desired look and finish. In order to use it you need to create an account in Instagram so that you can edit the pictures the way you want it before you go ahead and upload it.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install these photo editing apps in your iPhone so that you can happily click and edit the pictures just the way you want it.


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