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Top Hybrid Watches Of 2017 - The Best Of Both Worlds!

With so many new smartwatches going live at Baselworld 2017, there's plenty to anticipate too. Hybrid Watches are definitely in trend right now. Tech markets are filled with so many variations of choices when it comes to the Hybrid Watches selection for purchase. No matter how many choices are available in the market, a customer should always need to analyze the features and appearance of Hybrid Watch in order to get satisfactory purchase result.

Top Hybrid Watches
Top Hybrid Watches

However, this process of evaluating and comparing features and appearance measures of smartwatches takes too much effort and time. Therefore, in order to save your time and give you perfect results, we have shortlisted a few top Hybrid Watches of the year 2017. These watches are highly trendy and appreciated worldwide. You can browse them and compare them to get the best reference for your smartwatch purchase.

Top Hybrid Watches Of 2017

Apple Watch Series 2: It has water resistance and GPS in a sleeker body, amazing rivals, and eye-popping display. It implies that Apple Watch Series 2 deserves to be pined for best smartwatch spot
  • Smartwatch Feature: GPS, water resistance and swimming friendly, two-day battery, Apple Pay, heart rate monitoring.
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $369
LG Watch Sport: The Android Wear 2.0 flagship model, LG Watch Sport aims straight for the Apple Watch. With GPS, NFC and LTE for Android Pay on-board, this LG Watch Sport accompanies a patched up Google Fit, and revived outsider Android Wear 2.0 applications (for example, Strava).
  • Smartwatch Feature: Android Pay, LTE, GPS, NFC, heart rate monitoring.
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $349
Garmin Vivoactive HR: While the Apple Watch and the LG Watch Sport are incredible smartwatches that are equipped for sport tracking, the Garmin Vivoactive HR is a genuinely astounding sport watch that is more than able as a smartwatch.
  • Smartwatch Feature: Committed sport modes, heart rate monitoring, GPS, Garmin Connect similarity,
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $249.99

Samsung Gear S3: It is compatible now with iOS and Android operating system. The Samsung Gear S3 is shockingly liberal with its determination of supported smartphones. Tragically, the size expanded marginally from Gear S2, yet that bigger body conveys expanded battery life, GPS and a display where Tizen can truly sparkle.
  • Smartwatch Feature: Samsung Pay, GPS, heart rate monitoring, Tizen.
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $349
Polar M600: Although it is considered that the Garmin Vivoactive HR is the ideal decision for the individuals who bounce between a large sport hosts, the Polar M600 is only for asphalt beating pavement-pounding runners.
  • Smartwatch Feature: Polar Flow adjusting, Heart rate monitor, soon with Android Wear 2.0, GPS, water safe 10m.
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $329.95
Withings Steel HR: When we discuss smartwatches, we tend to consider OLED screen-toting wrist computers. Withing's hybrid smartwatch is back for a third version and utilizes a simple watch face to pack undetectable tech into the case.
  • Smartwatch Feature: Heart rate monitoring, Water impervious to 50m, 25 day battery.
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $179.95
Pebble 2: A double victor – not exactly bad for a smartwatch that is basically DOA. Yes, that company has been gobbled up by Fitbit, purchasing its smartwatches is seemingly a terrible thought. However, in terms of durability and features, it is still really a very good choice for smartwatch users who are willing to compromise little to get the best durability advantage with all necessary features.
  • Smartwatch Feature: Week long battery, Heart rate monitoring, 1,000s of Pebble applications.
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $99.99
Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45: Tag's Android Wear is now accessible with titanium, earthenware and finishes of 18K rose-gold and, as hypothesized, will include what Tag is portraying as a modular design. You'll have the capacity to change the smart part with a conventional mechanical Tag module, for example, Caliber 5 or the chronograph Tourbillon Heuer 02-T. You'll likewise be allowed to swap out the lugs, the straps and even the clasp. On the whole, Tag has almost 56 distinct variants accessible.
  • Smartwatch Feature: Finishes of 18K rose-gold, Calibre 5, chronograph Tourbillon Heuer 02-T.
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $1,650
Misfit Phase: Misfit, an activity tracker organization that was acquired by watch-maker Fossil, recently introduced its first hybrid smartwatch. The watch has a minimalist face, comes in six unique models, and it consequently tracks steps, location distance, calories and rest. The watch is water safe up-to around 164 feet for swimming, it also allows you to know the smartphone notifications utilizing vibrations, and a "smart button" gives you a chance to play music or take a Selfie on your associated smartphone.
  • Smartwatch Feature: Water safe and action tracker
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $175 to $195
Fossil Q Tailor: Fossil just launched four lines of 12 diverse hybrid smartwatches. The looks of the smartwatches in each line differ from another, yet the greater part of Fossil's hybrid share similar features and functionalities. Each tracks steps, consumed calories and rest time, and you can see all these details through the Fossil Q smartphone application for iOS and Android operating system. They give adjustable smartphone notifications and calendar alerts. They also offer alert capacities and support numerous time zones. Fossil says the client removable batteries will keep going for up to six months.
  • Smartwatch Feature: Movement tracker, client removable batteries, long battery
  • Smartwatch Purchase price: $25-$195

Upcoming hybrid smartwatches with huge expectations

  • Movado Connect
  • Hugo Boss Touch
  • Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7You
  • Fossil Q Venture
  • Fossil Q Explorer
  • Diesel On
  • Michael Kors Access Sofie and Grayso,
  • Misfit Vapor
  • Emporio Armani Connected

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How to Gain a Competitive Advantage with Your Enterprise Mobile App Strategy?

As you know that every digital marketer loves to talk about the consumer-facing applications and, why shouldn’t they? After all, they are flashy and most of all they are sharing your brand with the world.

But do you know that there’s another fast-growing trend that competitive organizations are focused on? However, it’s giving smart companies an edge over the competition by boosting work productivity, allowing information-sharing, easing tasks and developing connections with customers and easing tasks.

Enterprise Mobile App Strategy
Enterprise Mobile App Strategy
 Recently, Adobe has surveyed 1500 enterprise decision-makers across the world in sales, marketing, and human resources to learn more about their enterprise mobile app strategies. It has been discovered that 61% of people believe that companies risk being at a competitive disadvantage by not embracing mobile apps.

However, approximately 66% of those plotted believe that they are either on par with – or worse, they are lagging – their competitors about enterprise mobile apps. With expanding a competitive edge over the enterprise mobile app strategy, the opportunities are growing quickly.

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This is the reason why we have combed the data to discover strategies you can use right now. Below, you can see five highly essential tips for creating a competitive enterprise mobile app strategy:

Organizing key Capabilities for Success

Make sure that you regulate that which features will harvest the excellent results for your brand. Not a big surprise; but nearly half of survey respondents named security as a top feature and for good reason.

As you know that mobile devices are constantly on the go, and there are many loaded with private and proprietary information. Integration with other business systems ranked highly as there is not only value in showing content in an application; however, also in its integrating easily, enabling employees to do something with that content like place
orders or you can update sales records also.

From respondents, 36% quoted ease of publishing and updating content as a key ability, enabling developers, marketers, and business users to update and push content, making sure that it is accurate and up to date. Ultimately, 34% of survey respondents conversed multiple platform support and the capability to access other devices and platforms as a top priority for success.

Comprehend How Organization Views Enterprise Mobile Apps

In addition to this, the survey has revealed some of the interesting ideas on the insight of enterprise mobile applications within the organization and how that knowledge and information can be used in boosting results and adoption from the deployment of enterprise mobile applications.

As per the results, employees, who are using enterprise mobile applications, feel up to date (90%) versus out of touch, productive (88%) versus distracted and empowered 87% versus helpless.

It is true that efficient adoption of new tools as well as technologies can be difficult and it is important enterprise app strategy must comprise programs to measure and improve employee satisfaction through surveys, analytics, updates, training and program communications.

Uniting teams across the digital deployment of applications by creating programs that make sure employee satisfaction, helping in driving internal consensus and buy-in support.

Ensure That You Focus on result-oriented apps that suffice the needs of mobile workforce

While asking to respondents about the types of enterprise mobile apps were likely to be result-oriented in the next three years, they respond to customer service and support (61%), sales enablement (59%), customer relationship management (59%), and collaboration systems (59%).

By focusing on result-oriented applications, you can discover that which applications are important for your organization by evaluating employee workflows and looking for all those, who meet the requirements of a highly mobile workforce.

You can identify that how to equip your employees to be more productive with mobile apps, map to the requirements of your organization and focus on all those that yield the most advantage.

Moreover, you can also supplement or replace current core desktop applications with those that geared toward mobile. After that, you can expand resourcefully to those areas, where mobile as well as device-specific features will harvest productivity and benefits.

Future-proof’s Your Enterprise Mobile App Program

By investing in and staying in advanced of in app-development requirements, you can your organization and enterprise to gain deeper app adoption whereas supporting broader use cases.

As per the survey result, 77% of companies believe that the enterprise mobile app world is quite different from what it was two years. The step of change is rapid and future-proofing an enterprise mobile app program that is important for developing a competitive strategy.

Remaining informed on security and privacy safeguards company's’ proprietary information; cloud-driven apps help connect mobile experiences with backend systems such as enterprise resource planning and optimizing user experience delivers clean and intuitive user experiences, which engages with and add value to work streams and processes.

You can start this by looking at the applications which are currently deployed. How are they designed to be used? What are the workflows? It is important to assess your existing enterprise mobile app strategy and know other areas, where the right app could drive further productivity.

Though 61% believe that businesses, who risk being at a competitive disadvantage by not embracing mobile apps whereas 66% of companies believe that they are only on par with or lagging the competition when it comes to using enterprise mobile apps to more additional business objectives. There are various brands that have a wonderful opportunity to outpace the competition by developing competitive enterprise mobile app strategies that deliver.

So, these are the top ways to gain a competitive advantage with enterprise mobile app strategy. However, if you are looking forward to developing an enterprise mobile application, you can hire an experienced mobile app development company that has a proficient team of mobile app developers with sufficient knowledge.

This article is contributed by Mohd Sohel, He is Software Engineer and content marketing professional with 6 years of experience. He is currently working with Space-O Technologies, and enjoys exploring the latest mobile app development technologies and taking on new challenges. He contributes on all high quality blogs like IT News of Technology and share his development experience with blog's reader.

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Why Is WordPress the Most Popular CMS

WordPress (WB) was first introduced in 2003 as a simple blogging platform attracting mostly amateur and novice bloggers. Since then, it has progressively evolved into a top of the line content management system (CMS). According to the latest estimates, WP powers around 60 million websites, which means that one in every six website is WP website.

The success of WP lies chiefly in its core principles: it’s free, built on light and fast code, and it’s an open-source platform. With this in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that WP has been steadily and continuously attracting users since its launch. And owing to those core principles, regardless of how sophisticated, versatile and enormous WP has become, it still manages to attract both amateur bloggers and web design professionals.

WordPress the Most Popular CMS

So, what are those qualities/features that render WP more popular, or even superior, over other CMSs?

Open-Source Platform

There are many risks to using an open-source CMS. However, WP has managed to exploit only the best qualities of open-source software. The source code is available to anyone to tweak, modify, or study it. Also, open-source, in general, is usually more frequently updated, easier to customize and is more cost effective. Another important, but often overlooked, fact is that due to its open-source nature, no private company can interfere with your WP content at will. This gives you certain ownership over your website.


One of the signature features of WP is the ability to customize your website. Considering that the entire framework is built on a light source code, it’s easy to instantly and radically change your entire website with just couple of clicks. There are no more limitations to built-in themes exclusively. Creating customized post type with specific fields enables users to construct pages with entirely different feel and look. If you should however choose to use one of many existing templates available, it will take some simple and easy adjustments to create a post type that best suits your needs.

WordPress Dashboard and CMS

Once you’ve settled on the specific page layout, it’s the back-end management where the really business starts and where WP really comes to shine. WordPress Dashboard is your main tool to manage all behind-the-scene aspects of your website. Much like the rest of WP platform, WP Dashboard is user-friendly, easy to navigate and it’s pretty intuitive. Any changes or manipulation over your content are continuously logged and it’s easy to return to previous versions. There are also different levels of accessibility and various admin privileges controlling who can edit what content.

Plugins and Themes

It’s not really necessary to be a professional web designer or software-savvy to exploit the full potential of WP. WordPress comes with thousands of templates (themes) and that number is increasing daily. Most of them have simple control panels and it takes just a few clicks to create the look that you want.

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One of the advantages of WP light framework is that it is highly flexible and it can be extended using plugins. As we’ve mentioned about themes, there is a huge number of free and 3rd party plugins. These plugins will not only enhance the functionality of your website, but they can also add a whole new aspect to it. For instance, adding a WordPress event ticketing plugin you will add a commercial portion to your website, and you’ll be able to easily handle the financial aspect of the event you’re hosting.

These themes, plugins and add-ons are one of the most important features of WP, since they are the main reason why WP can be used to create virtually any kind website. It’s no wonder then why there are so many themes and plugins available, and why WP community is so big. Generally, main contributors to plugins and themes repositories are professionals and companies, but there’s also a significant number of WP enthusiast and amateurs who are creating new plugins.


WP Is SEO Approved

There are other CMSs, such as Drupal, Joomla, etc., who share some of the WP features. However, one WP characteristic that sets it apart from other CMSs is the ability to easily handle all your SEO needs. From Permalinks, to title tags and headings, WP can help deal with any aspect of SEO, even if you’re not an SEO expert. We should also mention that there are some pretty incredible SEO plugins to enhance the ranking of your website or blog. For all these reasons, WP reigns supreme in SEO community.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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Top 5 iPad Movie Streaming Applications

Streaming movies on iPad via computer is a very basic way to watch downloaded movies. We won’t be wrong, if we say that iPad is made for Videos and movies. It has one of the best videos quality till now. Imagine if you could online movies for free on your iPad!

Doesn’t it sound like music to your ears? Well, it’s true. While Itunes is the best store to get movies from the stores, there are tons of website and application that provide you a variety of options. For instance, I am sure you have few names of applications like, TubeMate, SnapTube, Videoder, VidMate, PlayView, PlayBox, CinemaBox HD, Cartoon HD, Popcorn time, Showbox movies app and many more.

These apps are especially designed for Android devices , therefore work best in Android devices. For iPad/iPhone users, we have yet another options.

Top 5 iPad Movie Streaming Applications

Let’s discuss the top 5 movie streaming applications for iPad/iPhone :-

1. Air Playit

Air Playit is an app that act as an audio/Video cloud for iOS users. It enables you to watch unlimited movies and videos on the app. With in built 320 video and audio codec, it is committed to provide the best video and audio quality. Yes, of course, the app also allow its users to stream movies from Mac to their phones. The impressive quality of Air Playit is it way to convert video into audio in almost no time. With Air Playit you don’t need to worry about the space or memory of your device.

2. Plex

Plex is a creation of Plex Inc. It helps the users to manage their audio, video and picture gallery. Works on all iOS devices. Users can watch online movies and listen to a variety of songs. Again Plex does not ask for space in your device. Plex is free for a week on trail. There are some restrictions for the people who want to work on Plex for free. For interested users, they can take Plex subscription package according to their convenience.

3. Air Video HD

Air Video HD is an application that allows you to watch downloaded movies on your iOS devices. It is one of the best app with a beautiful user interface that is very easy to work with. We can say  that the USP of this app is its combination of voice and subtitles of the video. It doesn't matter that if the subtitles are not in sync with the voice of the video, Air Video arranges the subtitles according to the Video in seconds.

4. Video Streaming

Video streaming is an actual competitor to movie streaming applications. It allow users to download movies and watch them on iPad. HD quality movies and video with subtitles and huge library to follow. It also gives power to the user to limit access to few videos and movies as per their convenience.

5. PugPlayer

PugPlayer for iPad is a powerful and amazing movie streaming application. It does support different type of formats as well as resolutions. The best feature of PugPlayer is that when PugPlayer is connected to iPod, users can operate the iPod from different room over all. Yes, I found the user interface to be a little simple and awkward at the same time. There is  a chance of getting a crash from the app. But this should not deter you to try this app once.

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Despite being different from other applications, these apps work amazingly well on all iOS devices. They are going to be safe and secure for all the users as almost all of them are available on iTunes. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to download these apps. You all should give them a try at least!

Author bio - Contributed by Swati Sharma from Bloomtimes.com. She’s an author and part-time writer at various tech establishments. In her spare time, she likes to cook and play with her dog.

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When Gadgets Meet Businesspeople – A Short Tech Guide for Entrepreneurs

Today, it's impossible to stay immune to a real flood of gadgets and software solutions. They can help business owners improve their work efficiency. Even if you try to be the black sheep and resist the ongoing trends, your results will show you that such stubbornness doesn't pay off. But if you start using gadgets for your business needs, you might be astonished by their performance and usefulness. So, let's see what you can do have a tech-improved business experience.

A Short Tech Guide for Entrepreneurs

A Short Tech Guide for Entrepreneurs
A Short Tech Guide for Entrepreneurs

The Age Of The Battery

If you could give a title to this age, probably the majority of the people reading this text would call it the age of the Internet. However, this is only partly true. While we've become unbelievably dependent on the Internet, the first condition for accessing the web is having a proper connection and, more importantly, a reliable and powerful device. You need a tablet, a smartphone, or a notebook to get online. (Of course, a desktop will do, too, but this paragraph is about batteries.)

The problem here is that your device won't work for too long unless its battery has ample capacity. To ensure that you always have enough electricity in your device, you should get a power bank. That way, dead batteries won't pose a threat to your business tasks and assignments.

In addition, you can also use your old notebook battery and make a power bank on your own if you're adept at such things.

Direct Power Supply

Let's talk a little bit more about the connection between electricity and modern gadgets. Apart from purchased or DIY power banks, it's important to always use genuine chargers. The word genuine is extremely important in the previous sentence. Namely, if you charge any of your gadgets with a non-original charger, it might damage the battery, reduce its life span and cause other unwanted risks.
Moreover, when away on business, consult Google about the frequency of the electricity in the country you're about to visit. Here you have voltage and frequency information for every country in the world. You're welcome.

Visual Projections On The Road

Every entrepreneur that needs to hold a presentation or a lecture at a business conference shouldn't strictly rely on the organizers. If anything goes wrong with the equipment on the stage, the attendees won't be staring at your hosts, but at you.

This is why a forward-thinking businessperson will bring some basic equipment for public presentations to every such occasion. This lecturer's set must include a mini projector, a set of medium-strong speakers and a microphone. Now you're ready for every business event in the world, no matter how well or lousily organized it is.

Sleek And Light Laptops

What's extremely important for traveling managers and their employees is not to leave anything to chance when they're outside of their offices. With the growing role of the cloud in the modern business world, they have to be available to their colleagues and clients even when they're away. One way to go that most people forget about are modern cheap gaming laptops. They are not expensive and they will pack everything a businessperson needs and more. The importance of getting a light machine needs to be stressed, since they are more easily carried and dragged along airport terminals than their thick and heavy counterparts.
When Gadgets Meet Business people
When Gadgets Meet Business people
To conclude, business people should realize that they have no better associates than modern tech devices and gadgets. If you don’t know where you are, your smartphone will tell you. Your notebook will make your every software wish come true. The lecturer's set will ensure that you hold your speech no matter what. Because of all these benefits, dear entrepreneurs, get cutting-edge devices and rest assured that they will push your business towards greater business success.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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The 6 Best Apps for Artists

Artists Rejoice! The Best Creative Outlets For Every Millennial
by Charlotte Ahlin

Between phones, tablets, computers, and Apple TV, there is certainly no shortage of apps to download. And if you’re interested in the arts, you should know that there’s a lot more creativity out there beyond picking filters for your Instagram photos (no disrespect to Instagram, but it can’t fulfill every artistic need).

Whether you’re a professional artist, an aspiring London art student, or just someone who enjoys the occasional doodle, you should check out these artistically charged apps today, that are favored by one of the best app developers:


No paint, no canvas, no problem. There are several gorgeous painting apps on the market, but there’s a reason that Procreate is one of the most popular and the winner of the Apple Design Award. This is a professional-level app that’s still easy to use no matter what your artistic background.

Procreate comes with 128 beautiful, pre-loaded brushes for you to sketch, paint, and create; any artwork you make can easily be shared to any Cloud storage or social media network. The program features 64-bit color and an advanced layering and smudging system, so your art can be as intricately detailed as you like.


If you want to find and appreciate art just as much as you want to create it, this is the app for you. It’s been billed as the “Pandora of art,” “the art world in your pocket,” and boy does it deliver. Artsy gives you access to more than 300,000 high-resolution pieces of art, which you can collect and share with “playlists” of your favorite images. You can also virtually visit museums halfway around the world.

Artsy is an ideal app for finding new artists, too, since you can search by keyword for the kind of art you’d like to see. You’ll also be updated on the latest art shows and fairs, and you can receive alerts on your favorited artists’ newest work.

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Animation on your phone? That’s right. Loop lets you create short, hand-drawn animations right on your phone, and then upload them directly to websites like Tumblr. You can’t create the next Pixar epic on this app, but it’s fantastic for original animated shorts or easily tracing video frames.

So you can take a video of your best friend snoring, animate them as a goblin, and email your masterpiece to everyone you know - all with a few swipes of your fingertips. Or create a freehand animation of your own devising and upload it to the Loop gallery. It’s available from the Itunes store, and it’s endless fun.


This is the cutest, easiest app you’ll ever find for creating amazing typography art. Type a sentence, then doodle an image with your finger, and the app puts them together into a new and unique typographic image, with the line art created out of your text.

TypeDrawing lets you draw freehand or import photos to draw directly on them, and it provides multiple beautiful fonts, as well as controls for text size and spacing. You don’t need a background in art or typography to create something that looks professional, and you can send your creations to your friends with the push of a button.

Tayasui Sketches

Need to be a little more subtle about drawing other people on public transportation? Well, Tayasui Sketches is the ultimate app for simple sketches. This free app imitates a real paper sketchpad, and lets you doodle with pen, pencil, watercolor—almost any tool you can think of.

You can use Tayasui for drawing or for jotting down notes, and you can import photos to scribble on if you so wish. The drawing tools behave just like a pen or pencil on paper, responding to pressure. It’s not an app for creating complex paintings, but if you’re looking for a simple digital sketch board, this is one of the best.


Not every artist sketches or paints—photo and video editing or manipulation are artforms in their own right. Enter Glitché, named one of Apple’s best apps of 2015. This app can make anyone into a digital artist: it takes your existing images, and lets you modify and pixelate them into glitchy masterpieces.

Change any old selfie into a psychedelic, rainbow-colored work of art. Yes, technically it’s yet another photo filter app, but the filters are so unique, and your level of control over them so advanced, that it’s like no other photo-manipulation program out there. You can even use this app to edit videos and make GIFs. It’s the weird, pixelated playground you never knew you wanted.

There are so many different artistic styles out there, but everyone can find at least one app to get their creative juices flowing. These six are just a few of the best, but they’re a great place to start for artists of any kind!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

The rise of Internet brought countless benefits to mankind and one of the most useful ones is of course, the ability to earn money online. With the help of internet, not only is it possible to avoid the standard “9 to 5” working hours and boring corporate offices but also travel the world and work from wherever we want. In this article I've reviewed some of the best ways to earn money online.

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online
10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

If you have a free flat or a room you can rent, AirBnB is a website that can help you to find people who are looking for accommodation. You can rent your premises on daily, weekly or monthly basis and depending on the city you live in and type and location of your property you can earn from $20 to several hundred dollars per day.

Design websites
Web-design is much simpler today, when we have so many intuitive content management systems at our disposal. Even now there are many individuals and companies that don’t have time to create their own websites. With some basic CSS, HTML, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal knowledge you can earn significant funds on freelance marketplaces.

Writing articles
Content marketing is currently one of the most popular types of business promotion, and it requires piles of video, audio and textual content. That’s why the need for content creators is constantly growing. Articles are the basic form of content, and people with some writing talent and solid knowledge of grammar and spelling can earn up to several hundred dollars a day, by writing them. Most writers find their gigs on online marketplaces like Upwork.com and Fiverr.com, while there are also specialized websites for connecting writers with content publishers like iWriter.com and Bloggingpro.com.

Google AdSense
If you already have a website, Google AdSense platform offers you the opportunity to monetize the interesting content you are sharing. This platform very is simple for signing up and adding ads to your website or blog. Pay-per-click rates mainly depend on your website demographics, which means that content that targets people from developed countries preform much better and can bring you more money.

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Amazon Associates
For running Amazon Associates platform, you will also need a web presentation and a lot of interesting content. Platform allows you to post Amazon offers in the form of links and banner ads, and earn commission for every purchase made by customers who reached Amazon store through your website.

This huge online market place creates many opportunities for earning money online. You can resell goods directly on the website or buy wholesale goods and offer them to eBay crowd. There are hundreds of ‘eBay made me rich’ success stories you can found online, but you should know that earning lots of money on this network requires lots of work that you need to invest in building strong and spotless reputation.

Other design work
Websites like 99design offer great opportunities for graphic designers to earn some money on the side. There are also many designers that work exclusively as freelancers. Logo design is one of the most wanted skills on these freelance market places and you can also design info graphics, banners, commercials and many other things.

If you are an artist or an app developer you will love iTunes. Apple’s store allows you to sell your work and place and promote it next to some of the biggest on- and offline brands.

Etsy crowd loves handcrafted goods. This is one of the most popular handcraft market places online and it allows artists and craftsmen to promote and sell their work. New members need to add at least five different articles and put them on sale, and wait for bids and offers. There are many people who collect and pay thousands of dollars for good looking and high-quality handmade goods.

People with ground breaking ideas can use KickStarter for funding their projects and making theirs and other people’s dreams come true. Website follows crowdfunding concept and allows small-time investors to fund projects they like. Projects need to be presented in an elaborate way, so every investor can realize its benefits.

There are many other ways to earn money online and only things you will need for starting you online entrepreneur career are fast internet and a good online payment system to collect the money you've.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

In The Wake Of Recent Talk Talk Hacks, How Secure Is Your Business?

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In case you missed one of the biggest news stories of the year last week, here’s what happened. Major mobile telecommunications giant, Talk Talk, were hacked. Their database of customer information was compromised, leaking tons of data. Experts are calling it one of the biggest cyber attacks on a commercial company. The suspect? A fifteen year old computer genius acting alone. If a fifteen year old can hack one of the biggest companies in the world, it begs the question: how secure is your business?

Cyber theft and data breach is a very real concern for modern business. No-one is entirely secure from the threat, and it’s up to you to take action. Here are some tricks and techniques, straight from the experts, to help you stay safe.

Strong Passwords

Passwords might seem like a simple trick in the grand scheme of things. But, in reality, hackers find it very difficult to crack a strong password. The only way they’ll get through passcodes is when they discover patterns. When using the same passwords over and over again, it becomes easy to predict and break. Make sure you’re varying the passcodes on a weekly basis in the office. As for the password itself, try to use a different combination for every account you use.

Encryption and Firewalls

Encryption is a centuries old practice used to scramble and obscure data. It’s the best way to secure information. In simple terms, it turns your standard data and information into unreadable code. It is now impossible to read the true contents without the corresponding encryption key. A firewall is also a great way to keep malicious bots and hackers out of your system. A firewall creates a strong fence around your data, and repels suspicious intruders.

Data Storage

The manner in which you store the data is also crucial. When dealing with sensitive or incriminating data like customer information, you must be extra careful. A simple hard drive or shared server is not secure enough. Instead, you’ll need to look for a professional data center build service. They’ll create a bespoke server storage that is unique and personal to you and your company. It’s safe, secure, and essential!

Physical Security

Despite all these digital security measures, don’t forget about real world, physical threats. In many cases, it’s impossible for hackers to get into your system from the outside. However, if they get hold of a company laptop, hard drive or Blackberry, hackers can quickly get access. There’s a reason why Blackberry developed the nickname ‘hackberry’! Embrace the mobile revolution, but keep your personal devices safe and secure at all times.


Last of all, make sure you keep secure backups of all data and information. You can do this in a variety of ways. Start with physical, hard copies of sensitive or confidential information. Next, use a cloud storage system to keep essential information safe from hard drive crashes. Lastly, use a safe and secure hard drive. By using all three techniques, you’ll insulate your company from any problems.

After reading this post, how confident are you about the security of your business?

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

GIONEE ELIFE S7 5.2 inch Android 5.0 4G Smartphone

Gionee ELIFE S7 4G is a 5.2 inch full HD android phones that features two big titles. First, it packs Snapdragon 800 by Qualcomm that runs at 1.7 GHz clock speed and second it has one of the most sensitive 13 megapixel rear shooter which with its 1/2.3 inch sensor takes detailed pictures.

Selfie fans, rejoice because on the front, there is a 8 megapixel front facing camera that is perfect for taking selfies and doing video calls over Skype. Talking about calls, the fun does not stop there. The Elife E7 features a 3-microphone system that ensures better voice quality.

The display of the Gionee ELIFE S7 4G packs IPS tech that ensures super wide viewing angles. Manufactured by JDI, it is amongst the best displays ever produced for a smartphone till date. It does not disappoint in the storage department, packing whopping 32 gigabytes of flash storage that is expandable via micro SD card slot. You can find Gionee ELIFE S7 4G on Gearbest with free shipping.

E7 comes Google Play Store pre installed, so you will have no problem finding your favorite applications and games. Performance of E7 is top notch, thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 800 quad core processor and 2GB RAM. The system never stutters and there are no frame drops when playing games. Battery life is decent too, giving around a day with heavy use. The capacity is 2750 mAh and it is non user replaceable. Various android phones with removable battery can be found on Gearbest.com

In the package, you get two screen protectors, a phone holder, leather case, earphones, USB cable, power adapter and three NFC tags. While the display is massive at 5.2 inches, the S7 does not feel big in the hands. This is due to its narrow side bezels that reduce the phone’s overall width. 

The phone is on sale for $309 and is probably the best android phone in mid-range smartphone category.

Monday, 10 August 2015

4 Ways Your Business Can Embrace The Mobile Revolution

Every business must adapt to the mobile revolution. Mobile technology is quickly becoming the most influential medium, and companies need to adjust. In the last twelve months, mobile internet access has surpassed traditional computer access. That means more web users are on a smartphone or tablet than a desktop or laptop. It’s a huge shift in the way consumers operate. As a business, if you’re not mirroring this trend, your days are numbered! If half of your customers are on mobile devices, you need to make sure you cater for them. The world moves quickly, and it’s not always easy for business owners to keep up. So today, we’ll show you how your business can embrace the mobile revolution. Let’s take a look.

1. Build a responsive website

A ‘responsive’ website means a site that adapts to whichever device loads up the web page. For example, the website will automatically recognise if it’s opened on an iPhone or a tablet or a laptop. It will instinctively display in the best possible way for that user. It’s a replacement for building an entirely separate mobile site, which was the old best-practice. Most professional web designers now build responsive websites as standard. It has become the bare minimum requirement. Make sure your company website is responsive.

2. Build an app

Many companies now have their very own app. So should you. Most mobile internet access takes place through an app, so it’s up to you to adapt to this technology. You need a strong presence in the app market. It’s now easier than ever to create an application. An app development agency can help you turn your plans into something real. You can get creative with your app too. Use it to offer your customers additional value, and take advantage of the mobile platform.

3. Reduce text

Adapting for the mobile world isn’t just about the mechanics. It’s not enough to build a responsive website and create an app. You’ve got to understand how your customers are using the mobile web. Studies show that mobile users have even shorter attention spans than computer users. Remember, you’re working with a smaller screen here, you’ve got a small space to make a big impact. Reduce your text to only the necessary component. Learn to say more with less.

4. Embrace social media

Mobile internet access revolves heavily around social media. The likes of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are reliant on mobile use. Indeed, they power it! As a business, you need to build a coherent social media strategy to encourage content sharing. Make sure your business is talked about on these platforms, and optimise your content for social sharing. We still speak to many companies that are wary of social media. It’s time to throw out this scepticism, and jump aboard the train while you still can. Social media is the essence of mobile communication, don’t get left out!

Mobile access is no longer a novelty or side-thought. It is a very real part of your business. Make sure you have a plan. Embrace the mobile revolution!