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HTC Desire 826 vs. HTC Desire Eye – The Family War

The Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer, HTC has launched its latest Android Smartphone in India, named as HTC Desire 826. This smartphone can be referred as the eldest member in the Desire 820 family, which includes Desire 820, 820Q and 820S. The latest addition; HTC Desire 826 comes with an innovative 4 UltraPixels front-facing camera, which is going to be admired by selfie lovers.
Earlier, HTC launched the Desire Eye with 13 Megapixels front-facing camera, also made for selfie lovers. Here, we bring you a side-by-side heating comparison review of HTC Desire 826 and HTC Desire Eye, to find which one is better than the other.
HTC Desire 826 vs. HTC Desire Eye
HTC Desire Eye
The HTC Desire 826 sports a big 5.5-inch Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen display, which produces crisp and sharp colors at a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with pixel density rate of 401 pixels per inch. The screen-to-body ratio of the display is at 68.1%. This display doesn’t feature any type of protection. On the other hand, the HTC Desire Eye sports a comparatively smaller, 5.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display, which also produces a resolution of 1080 x 1280 pixels, but at a better rate of 424 pixels per inch. Protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, the screen-to-body ration of this display is 66.6%.
If bigger is considered better, then the HTC Desire 826 wins this segment. If color production and display protection matters, then the HTC Desire Eye is made for you.
Processor & RAM
Both these HTC smartphones are made to perform multi-tasking activities without any lags. Considering their hardware configuration, both of them could easily run various applications and games simultaneously. They both would easily run any huge game or application, you want them to run.
For which, the HTC desire 826 gets a Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 chipset, combination of 1.7GHz and 1.0GHz Cortex-A53 quad-core processor, coupled with 2GB of RAM. On the other hand, the HTC Desire Eye has got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with 2.3GHz Krait 400, Quad Core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM.
We can call it a tie in this segment, since both HTC Desire 826 and Desire Eye are powerful smartphone devices, which can easily support all your multi-tasking activities.   
HTC Desire 826
 Operating System
The HTC Desire 826 runs on Google’s latest Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system, which has been fuelled with various new features and capabilities, making it a tough rival to iOS 8 OS platform. Besides, the HTC Desire Eye runs on the previous Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS version, which could get an update in future. However, there is no official word about this update yet.
Camera is that crucial segment, where both HTC Desire 826 and Desire Eye are offering each other a tough competition. The HTC Desire Eye houses a 13 Megapixels (4208 x 3120) autofocus rear and 13 Megapixels front-facing camera, where both of them have been added with various camera enhancement features like HDR, touch-focus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash and more.
On the other hand, the HTC Desire 826 also houses a 13 Megapixels autofocus rear camera with similar features. But, the front-facing camera of 4 UltraPixels with 1/3'' sensor and 2┬Ám pixel size on the Desire 826 makes it an undoubted selfie king. This smartphone would capture all your memorable selfies in topmost quality, which none other smartphone in the segment can do. Clicking selfies on-the-go would turn into addiction with HTC Desire 826.
Both HTC Desire 826 and Desire Eye offer 16GB of on-board memory for installing apps, games and storing files. If 16GB seems low to you, you can add an external MicroSD card of up to 128GB on both these smartphone devices.
Connectivity Features
The connectivity features of these two smartphone devices include-
  • Single Nano-SIM
  • 4G LTE, 3G. GPRS with EDGE
  • Bluetooth 4.1, A2DP, apt-X
  • Wi-Fi, dual band, Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot, DLNA
  • MicroUSB and 3.5mm Audio Jack
The HTC Desire Eye has been fuelled by a 2400mAH non-removable Li-Ion battery. On the other side, the HTC Desire 826 is fuelled by a comparatively stronger 2600mAH Li-PO, non-removable battery.
Price in India
HTC Desire 826 Price in India – Rs.25,990
HTC Desire Eye Price in India – Rs.36,990
In the comparison review, we found that HTC Desire 826 was better than the HTC Desire Eye in various segments. A bigger display, latest Android version, an innovative front-facing camera, a stronger battery and a comparatively cheaper price tag makes HTC Desire 826, a clean winner of this super-heated comparison review.
However, this doesn’t mean that the HTC Desire Eye is not worth a buy. It stands amongst the successful Android smartphones in India, which can stand up on all your expectations. Though, the ratio of what you pay and what you get is much better on HTTC Desire 826.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Are Magnetometers Used In Space?

Magnetometers are a growing tool for geologists and mineral explorers on Earth. They are part of a suite of tools used to find minerals. However, in space, they are the tool for orienting spacecraft. In fact, space travel and even satellite launches would not be possible without them. For interplanetary exploration they’re even more important, as they give vital clues about the geology of other planets. Even around Earth, they can be used to help predict the weather.
Why Magnetometers are Necessary?
Magnetometers are needed in space to detect attitude, or the angle of the spacecraft relative to a nearby planet. Ordinary aircraft can find this using gravity: a weighted ball rotates to keep the heaviest point at the bottom, showing the attitude on the top of the ball. In orbit this technique is useless: everything on the ship is in freefall, so the weighted ball will not rotate to match the craft’s attitude.
Without an exact altitude measurement, astronauts and computers are not able to execute their full burns at the proper angle, resulting in erratic and dangerous orbits. Without an attitude meter, it would be functionally impossible to safely deploy any satellite, let alone satellites with precise orbital needs, like the GPS network. Early rocket scientists puzzled over this problem until the Soviet space program discovered that a fluxgate magnetometer could use magnetism to precisely calculate the attitude of a spacecraft relative to Earth. This uses as a reference point the magnetic field of the Earth, which exerts forces on magnetometer coils up to six million kilometres away from the surface. 
This magnetic field exerts force in a parallel direction to the Earth’s surface, and thus can work just like gravity for determining attitude. Later spacecraft took this idea further and developed magnetometers that could also return altitude, even in a vacuum.
More precise magnetometers have been since been used by NASA to calculate spacecraft attitude and altitude not only relative to Earth, but also relative to other planets like Mercury and Venus.
Magnetometers and Planetary Exploration
Since the early days of spacecraft design, magnetometers on Earth have come a long way, finding uses in mineral and water prospecting. NASA has applied these advances to their interplanetary explorations. Magnetic surveys provide information about ice and minerals below the surface of planets, and are essential in determining if space stations could ever be viable on our solar neighbours.
In 1996, NASA launched the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS), an unmanned orbiter intended to survey Mars and locate ideal drop zones for rovers. The MGS completed a magnetic survey using a fluxgate magnetometer that revealed interesting anomalies below the Martian surface. NASA hypothesized that some of these anomalies are underground ice packs, and believes that there is enough ice on Mars to cover most of the planet in water.
Magnetometers and Weather Satellites
Magnetometers such as vector magnetometers, scalar magnetometers etc have a more practical use: predicting “substorms”, magnetic storms in the upper atmosphere that discharge heat and electricity to lower atmosphere levels. These can affect devices, including vital ones like aircraft navigation systems, on the surface, and may affect weather patterns. Fortunately, NASA has developed a magnetometer for use by weather satellites that alerts meteorologists to the conditions preceding substorms.
Magnetometers are a vital and growing part of space travel. They will continue to be useful in helping us better understand both our own climate and the potential of other planets.
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Best Ways to Handle Those Unsubscribing from Your List

Like it or not, people will unsubscribe from your email list, regardless of the value you provide for free or at a cost. While there are many reasons for this, research has shown that most of those who unsubscribe from email lists usually do so because they either can’t stand excessive emailing or just felt the business wasn’t delivering enough value.

Others simply find the business’ emails too salesy, boring, or redundant. Whatever their reasons, you should always make it easy for them to unsubscribe from your list if they want to and do so in a manner that could compel them to have  a rethink. The following are some of the best ways to handle people who wish to unsubscribe from your list.

Make it Easy for them to Find the Unsubscribe Button
One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is trying to bury their unsubscribe link or make it look as tiny as possible. This alone is bound to irritate your audience. You see, people like it when they have the option of leaving your list. It does not mean that they would, it is just nice to have that option.
So, don’t make your unsubscribe link or process difficult at all. Make it easy, accessible, and something that can be done in five clicks or less. Some companies are known for making it difficult for people to unsubscribe – Comcast anyone? – but you’ll find that they tend to catch much flak for just that. Don’t be one of those firms.

Add Some Wit and Humor

Sometimes, the direct approach is not the best option. A little wit and humor can go a long way in helping them change their minds. For instance, some unsubscribe pages have funny or witty texts and images that cause you to pause and have a rethink. Try something like that on your unsubscribe pages. Some good examples include:

“Do you really want to leave? Please, please please stay…. Pweety please”

“We really don’t want you to leave… but if you insist, we’re sorry to see you go”

“We hate to see you go. Are you sure you want to miss out on our best deals and special offers?”

“Okay… just before you leave, can we ask you to stay? We’d really hate to see you go”.

“Seriously don’t go… we promise to do better”.

You do not have to include these exact phrases. However, you get the idea.

Provide Alternative Contact Channels

Sometimes people just want to unsubscribe from lists so that they can only receive important emails. Offer them an opportunity to continue to enjoy your special offers and deals by providing them with an alternative means of contact. By this, we mean social media, your app, and any other means of contact other than email. This way, you would still be able to benefit from their business, and they would still enjoy your products and services.

Ask Them Why

Sometimes, people can tell you what you are doing wrong. Naturally will give you some insight into the reasons for them leaving and help you stop that from happening again. Just don’t make the process tedious like some companies do by asking people to take surveys or answer a 20 part question. Just create a checklist and ask them to check off anyone that’s similar to their reasons.

Don’t Do Anything

Yes, there’s also the option of doing nothing at all. If your subscribers want to leave, sometimes it is best just to let them leave. However, adopt this approach only if you have tried out the previous strategies without any success. People leave for a myriad of reasons, so don’t sweat it. Just do your best to offer premium stuff, and you’ll find that you will be able to keep your unsubscribe rates at very low levels.

Oscar King is an ecommerce entrepreneur who writes on the side to help other entrepreneurs learn the tricks of the trade and become successful. A big part of ecommerce, he reminds his audience, is to have a secure and trustworthy sales platform, something you can get from You can learn more about Oscar on Google+.

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Android Wears Now Features Messaging As Well

The technology is flourishing at amazing pace, its fabulous offerings have revamped our lifestyle and enabled wonderful luxury.Today, almost everyone (though not all) is using a smart device whether it be a Smartphone or tablet. The evolution of these incredible devices has enabled us to accomplish our simple to highly complex tasks with utmost ease and efficiency.
The mobile platforms are performing tremendous job and delivering astonishing results. They are thus increasing our dependency on high end devices while offering us a convenient access to its resourceful services.

Observing the current trends, it can be said that Apple and Android are into fierce competition. Due to which both are striving for better and advanced services that is ultimately benefiting the giant consumer base of these mobile platforms.

Wearables form another domain for which many platforms are endeavoring to create most ravishing and feature-rich product. In fact, it can be said that the Smartwatch battle is on full throttle as Apple has launched its Apple Watch recently along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and other brands including LG, Samsung, Moto and more are featuring the latest updates to Google Android Wears.

Now, it is a bit easy to hire Android apps programmers for Android Wears as they are available out there in appropriate quantity. Additionally, Google is consistently upgrading its features with enhanced functions and superior technicalities to keep it updated with the current market trends. And, its most latest update says that Android Wear also facilitate messaging, isn't it amazing?

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Yes, it is not an anticipated feature, Android developers have recently revealed that the Android Wear has been further updated to support messaging feature. The app development companies can reap the benefits of this features and create impressive applications by integrating this feature to leverage their business.

There are some outstanding features that can make your messaging app much powerful and enticing for Android Wear. These features can be integrated by simply making some simple tweaks.
Without any further ado, let's ponder into the powerful messaging features and suitable tweaks required to unlock them for Android Wear.

Android Wear Features List

Get Free Message Notifications 

While creating an Android messaging application, you can add notifications by implementing the “NotificationCompat.Builder” class, to help notify your user about a new message. By using this class, the system will ensures its appropriate working. If you have implemented the notifications in your application, it will automatically work on both handheld and wearable. 

Moreover, the incorporated “Open on phone” action enables users to reply via the application installed in their handheld with absolute convenience.

Incredible features: Voice to reply text messages 

Have you ever wondered that what if you will be able to reply your text messages via your watch itself? Isn't it fantastic?

Yes, not just notifications, but you can allow you messaging app to allow users to send voice replies to the text messages via their watch. We know that sending text message through the watch would be a cumbersome task, as the screen size is limited and not sufficient for a convenient keyboard. Thus, introducing a voice reply feature offers the perfect solution.

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For adding this feature what you need to do is, simply use the RemoteInput of the WearableExtender to catch the user's voice input as a string. If you are interested in offering both the options voice and text replies to your users, then you can forward an array of choices to the setChoices method included in the RemoteInput.

View sender's image along with notifications

Don't you think so that introducing the sender's images as background for the message notifications will add to the intuitiveness of the application!

✔ It is recommended to use a background image of 400 x 600 resolution to support parallax scrolling.

✔ For including the background in the apk, save the image in the “res/drawable-nodpi” directory.

✔ For introducing it in the notification window, you will need to make a call to the setBackground() method within your WearableExtender and add it in the notification.

Custom Actions to make the conversation more interactive and fun

You can develop a creative and impressive messaging application by integrating custom actions in your app. It will make messaging more fun and intuiting. For instance, the popular Whatsapp is an application that features an attractive list of emoji, which makes the app stand out of the box.

You can offer your user to send an emoticon by using a notification from the wearable. It follows a simple cycle as explained below.

✔ As soon as the handheld gets a new text message, a notification is issued via setLocalOnly(True) and a message is sent to the wearable through the integrated Data Layer API of the application.

✔ The WearableListenerService fetches the message and generates a custom notification via PendingIntent that tells it to launch an activity when the notification is viewed by the user.

✔ Along with the Wearable UI Library a custom layout is defined in the activity.

✔ The user selected emoticon is then sent back to the handhelp from the wearable.

✔ The handheld then forward the received message to the server.

These are the incredible features that you can add in your Messaging application for Wearable and Handheld, and create a remarkable application.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Karbonn Sparkle V: Affordable Deal for First Time Smartphone Buyers

In a market like today’s, where already the big smartphones and phablets have taken a premium position and are making waves with their big price tags, it is important to think differently, something that the consumers can easily buy without much pressure on their pockets. For this, Google has come up with a brilliant idea of Android One smartphones. With this latest launch, Google has ultimately raised the bar for the smartphone platforms.

In this new range of Android One Smartphones we have the Micromax Canvas A1, Karbonn Sparkle V and Spice Android One Dream UNO. Even before they launch, these smartphones have booked some top shelves in the Indian smartphone market. With amazingly cool design, the latest features embedded inside, what else would anyone need?


Karbonn Android One Sparkle V Blue 01

The Karbonn Sparkle V is the newest addition to the Karbonn series and is also the first smartphone for Android One. The Karbonn Sparkle V has been priced at Rs 6,399. It is an affordable deal for the people who are thinking of switching from their old multimedia phones to a brand new smartphone.

Now they will surely have something that they can boast of.  Karbonn has till now managed to deliver some really good phones that have earned huge compliments from all over the market place. With this new phone in its segment, we hope Karbonn will once again bag the top spots for the budget friendly smartphones. Karbonn Sparkle V comes in an array of colors and has a brighter screen as compared to its other rivals. Perhaps there is some buzz that Google could have worked more on the resolution of the screen.

Nevertheless, Karbonn has still some great features to offer. It has been equipped with a 4.5 inch FWVGA display screen which is quite much for the price and a resolution of 854 × 480 pixels. The screen though is quite reflective in the sunlight and not to forget the finger marks that look a disaster altogether. This can be a minus point for this smartphone.

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Next in its store is a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with a 1GB of RAM, which will allow all your games and applications to run smoothly and fast without any hindrances. The quality of touch is just perfect for the price range. Karbonn Sparkle V runs on the Stock Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS which can be updated as and when the new upgrade is available in the market. Now this is one of the few perks of having Android One in your pocket. There is no doubt that other brands have already reached their phones to another level and Karbonn will have to gear up to keep pace with them.

Karbonn Sparkle V has a decent rear camera of 5 MP with LED flash and a front camera of 2 MP which was expected for a Smartphone at this price range. The camera holds good quality as far as the bright pictures are concerned and the front facing camera will satisfy the users.  A drawback that comes with this Smartphone is that the pictures cannot be taken unless there is a microSD card inserted in the device.

The Karbonn Sparkle V has a 4 GB memory on board that can be expanded upto 32 GB via microSD card. Though the ROM is 4GB, yet the total available memory for the user is just 2 GB which makes it compulsory for the user to have a memory card because 2GB is just not enough for a Smartphone.

Karbonn does not offer a good battery with the Sparkle V. The Smartphone has a 1700 mAh removable battery that offers a talk time of 8.9 hours and the browsing time over Wi-Fi is about 5 hours, not so impressive. Other features of the Karbonn Sparkle V includes GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3.5 mm audio jack, FM radio, microUSB, Dual SIM and gyroscope.

Overall the Karbonn Sparkle V is a value for money device. It is a great Smartphone for the people who are going to buy a Smartphone for the first time. The features it offers are more than enough at such a price range.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Top 10 photo editing apps for iPhone

iPhone has come a long way since it was launched for the first time. Like any other phone, one of the most common attributes of an iPhone is its camera. And in order to give its user a wide array of choice in photo editing, Apple has come up with different apps over the years that one can use to jazz up their pictures in the most attractive way. Here I am discussing top 10 photo apps that is going to give immense pleasure and joy to the user.

#Filterstorm: If you have been searching for an iOS app that can stand up to the editing features of Mac OS X then you have got your prayer answered in the form of Filterstorm. This app allows you to import pictures so that you can process them in the raw format. This is not enough one can uses the different editing tools like the color correction, sharpening and vignetting, manipulation and even noise reduction. This is not all. All the features are mentioned in the interface so that one can use it in the most convenient way.

#PhotoGene: compared to the first app, this one also has some interesting features in the form of preset effects that you can easily opt for depending on the kind of effect that you would like to achieve.One can add a text on the picture, add or subtract a shadow effect along with a frame tool as well as speech bubbles that you can use on the picture to convey something that you would like to say. One of the major strengths of this app is that you can easily share the picture in Facebook, twitter and other Social Medias.

#Photoshop Express: if you are looking for a basic photo editor then you can opt for this app. Compared to the previous two apps mentioned it has very few editing features and comes with preset features that are quite garish to say the least. But with this app one can flip, rotate and even resize the picture. Unlike the other two apps it has no clone tool and one can only undo the last edit done. However the self timer and the auto review is a great option as it allows one to check the previous photo clicked before you decide to click the next one. However in order to avail all these features you need to download the Camera Pack.

#Camera+: this app is relatively easy to use and has features that you will find in a digital camera. Features like Sunset, Cloudy and Backlit are there that can be used. One can use this app in two different ways. One can either edit the already stored pictures in your phone’s library or you can also use it to edit the clicked pictures. Both ways this app makes the best use of the iPhone app in order to give you a great result.

#PhotoPal: the interface of this app is very informative as it provides the user with a clear idea of what each tool is used for. Some of its popular editing features include the rudimentary Spot Healing tool, De-noise and so on.

#FX Photo Studio HD: compared to the other apps this one is alright. Neither does it have too many features nor does it lack the basics. In other words it is a so-so app that allows you to resize, flip, crop and rotate but you cannot straighten the tool.

#iDarkroom: the preset features like the texture, vignette, cross process and bokeh are quite fun to use. You can easily user the pictures from both the phone’s library of saved pictures as well as the just clicked ones that you would like to edit. Once the editing is complete you can easily share the pictures in Facebook, twitter and so on.

#Best Camera: the main aim of this app is to help you edit the pictures so that you can share it with your friends on a jiffy. However none of the effects are named and you need to try out each one of them to see what it does. Each of the effects is represented by a suitable icon. Once edited, you can share the picture in different Social Medias of your choice.

#TiltShift Generator: this app is perfect when you want to edit a cityscape. The different preset features help you to fade in, fade out, and contrast the different areas of the picture so as to achieve the look that you desire.

#Instagram: although it is not a photo editing tool (it is more on the lines of a photo sharing media) but it comes with a variety of editing tools that you can easily use to achieve the desired look and finish. In order to use it you need to create an account in Instagram so that you can edit the pictures the way you want it before you go ahead and upload it.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install these photo editing apps in your iPhone so that you can happily click and edit the pictures just the way you want it.

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SynciOS - Easily Transfer almost Everything on iPhone / iPod / iPad to Your PC and Back

iTunes is an essential iDevice management tool, apparently there were some problems when we managed to sync or transfer media and playlist files from PC to iPhone, iPod, iPad
SynciOS App
SynciOS App
Tired of losing songs, videos, etc. from your iPhone/iPad/iPod every time you sync with iTunes? SynciOS is a fantastic program that will get your iPhone well organized in the way you want.

Key Features

Read and display iDevice information

Effortlessly importing & exporting different files like home movie, TV shows, music videos, Photos, songs, ebooks, etc  to or from PC with zero data loss.

Backup Content to Computer 

Syncios iPhone Transfer
One click to backup music, video, pictures, audio, notes, contacts and text messages.

Backup, Install & Uninstall Apps at ease

iOS Backup and Restore
You can view the list of the installked app, edit app documents, uninstall and back apps in IPA files to computer.

iCloud Photo Streaming management

Easily download and share your streams with friends.

Ringtone Maker

It enables you customize your beloved songs/videos and transfer to iDevice automatically.

Video Converter & Audio Converter

Capable of converting  videos and audio to a wide range of formats supported by iOS.

Phone Transfer tool 

Phone to Phone Data Transfer
Works with both iOS and Android devices. You can not only transfer contacts, sms from iOS to Ios, iOS to Android or vice-versa, but also move other files,like notes, music,videos, photos, Ebooks in just one Click.

File management

  • Turn Your iPod or iPhone into a mass external storage

The only disadvantages I found include: 

  • No finding & merging duplicate music.
  • iTunes has no be pre-installed, even no need to run iTunes.
  • No Mac version available now.
In short, with easy-to-use and intuitive interface. SynciOS could absolutely be the perfect Free iTunes alternative. If you're tired of dealing with iTunes to transfer a specific file, locate and save your contacts, or by type of synchronization, do not hesitate and use SynciOS.

Read more here to learn SynciOS getting started tutorial.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The World’s Top Tech Airports

Top Tech Airports in the World
Top Tech Airport in the World
Airports are the hub of some of the most advanced examples of technology on the planet. From state-of–the-art traffic control centers that keep the skies organized to the innovative technology located on the ground, airports are a hive of electronic activity. Most recently, Copenhagen Airport incorporated Google Glass to help check-in passengers, which has been proved very successful with customers. As an increasing number of airports step up their technological game, "low cost holidays" gives us the rundown of the most advanced, tech-savvy airports in the world.

Top Tech Airports in the World

Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

After coming in fifth in PC World’s list of Top 20 Tech Friendly Airports in the USA, it comes as no surprise that Sacramento International is well equipped to deal with the tech-savvy generation. From the unseen gadgets, such as the convection-based cooling system to keep you feeling fresh, to the use of the ‘B4 You Board’ smart phone app that lets you pre-order a meal directly to your gate, Sacramento is keeping tech-loving travelers well catered. For those wanting to keep in touch with the outside world, the new Terminal B complex offers free WI-Fi and an average of 30 USB ports and outlets at each gate.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

This slick, modern airport offers an abundance of Internet access points coupled with plenty of conferencing facilities; ideal for business folk on the move. To keep everything efficient, there is automatic iris recognition at the border, fully automated luggage drop off and even unique screening technology. Known as Security Scan, Amsterdam Schiphol is the only airport in the world to use this millimeter wave screening technology to ensure passenger safety. Another great reason to fly through Schiphol is the recently installed Near Field Communication (NFC) – ready boarding gates. These gates allow passengers to use their NFC-enabled mobile phone to pass through the boarding gate, even if their phone is switched off, making your airport experience that little bit swifter.

Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC)

You may not initially assume that San Jose International is particularly technology-savvy, but this innovative airport has become a popular stomping ground for tech-loving travelers. Relaxing while waiting to board your flight comes naturally, especially when you take advantage of the fast, free WI-Fi and keep your power topped up with electrical outlets that are built into the arms of all the chairs at the gate. If you want to splash out, visit The Club at SJC, a VIP lounge and technological paradise. Kitted out with super-fast WI-Fi, workstations, PCs, free drinks, snacks and showers, and all for just $35, you can ensure your holiday begins from the moment you check in your bags. To regulate temperatures, the terminal chairs are integrated into the ventilation system, diffusing fresh air over eight feet, but only when they sense a person is sitting in them.

Changi Airport (SIN)

While you never need a specific reason to visit the beautiful city of Singapore, passing through Changi Airport certainly provides an added bonus to your trip. The centerpiece to this stunning airport is the interactive Social Tree, made up of 64 massive screens standing at ten meters tall. Fully interactive, this ‘tree’ allows users to log in and upload personal photos and videos which are displayed for everyone to see. The most incredible aspect of the Social Tree is that you can continually revisit these stored memories in any subsequent trips through Changi Airport. If you happen to be feeling stressed, just head to the Enchanted Garden, an interactive experience that comes to life as you walk through it. Triggered by motion sensors, the blooming flowers sparkle and shimmer, creating an ideal place to relax before your flight.

Dallas Fort Worth International (DFW)

Topping the poll on PC World’s extensive search for America’s top tech airport, Dallas Fort Worth was crowned the king of connectivity. The airport benefitted greatly from a partnership with Samsung, who kitted out each gate with charging stations, mobile travel lounges, mobile kiosks, flat screen televisions and video walls. Gone are the days of scouring for an outlet to desperate charge your PC before that long haul flight; DFW boasts the top average number of electrical outlets, fast WI-Fi speed and cellular service. The free Internet access for its 57 million annual travelers goes down pretty well, too.

With everything from automatic cooling chairs, interactive electronic gardens and social trees already in use in airports across the world, who knows what the future will hold for tech-hunting travelers. The airports in this list are present among the most advanced in the world, but with new terminals continually popping up, the next big thing may only just be around the corner. In the meantime, keep your laptops charged and a movie on standby – just in case.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Motorola Moto G vs Micromax Canvas Knight - A Comparative Study

The two latest mobile handsets Motorola Moto G and Micromax Canvas Knight have taken the mobile phone market by storm. What is appealing people towards these functional models is their reasonable price range. The hype surrounding the mobile euphoria has lured the general mass. This has unveiled a new dimension that is transforming the world in a totally new area of interest.

Knowing Motorola Moto G

The Motorola Moto G is a one-handed handset, a refreshing alteration from the normal 5” plus models that one has been reviewing of late. The curved back rests comfortably in the palm while it’s dimpled flip covers and grippy matte case is well suited for extended use. It feels good put-together than other existing expensive models built from the similar material. Moto G is compact and possesses premium build quality which belies its low cost.

The moment one holds this mobile phone they will realise why it has been hailed unanimously for its sturdiness and smooth finish. A striking feature of this phone is that it comes with an additional water resistant nano coating inside as well as outside. This feature ensures one the security that if the phone accidentally spills in water or gets wet in the rain, it will remain intact. No wonder this model is the perfect blend of price and performance.

Micromax Canvas Knight - at a glance

Canvas Knight from the house of Micromax is a great attempt to grab the Indian market. This phone is for those users having the expectations such as value for money and decent price with finest hardware specifications and features under this price. Micromax Canvas Knight combines a great built quality with cool slim design. This mobile phone giant has a competitive model at hand that is priced just apt. It offers a powerful processor, crisp display and a powerful camera everything at a competitive price range. When it comes to multitasking this handset is a rare gem with no evident break whatsoever. For this wonderful handset, Micromax should be given a pat in the back. This device is one that every youngster will love to display anywhere. In departments such as battery and camera, the phone impresses.
Moto G Motorola vs Canvas Knight MicroMax

Motorola Moto G vs Micromax Canvas Knight Features and Specifications

Below is a detailed comparison between the features and specifications of Moto G and Canvas Knight.

Operating System

The Moto G handset runs on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and will get the software support for a while from Motorola. While Micromax Canvas Knight on the other hand runs on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which is likely to get an upgrade in the future.

Display and Processor

Moto G boasts of a 4.5”screen having 326ppi pixel density and a resolution of 720p and for added protection it comes with a sturdy corning gorilla glass 3. Micromax Canvas Knight on the other hand is equipped with 5” full HD display having a 441 ppi pixel density. This handset possesses a beautiful bright unit for looking at as well as also produces really good colours.


Moto G comes with a battery that is likely to give back up a little above a day with respect to real world conditions. The Canvas Knight on the other hand comes with 2,350 mAh battery that claims to offer a standby time of 175 hours and a talk time of 7.5 hours in the real world condition.


Moto G is equipped with 1.3 megapixel front camera and 5 megapixel rear camera. The Canvas Knight on the other hand is equipped with 16 megapixel rear camera along with Largan M8 lens that offers better and sharper image quality. It also boasts of an 8MP secondary camera which will help to suffice the duty for video calling and getting self portraits.


When it comes to connectivity, Moto G will offer OTG, micro USB port, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while Canvas Knight will offer OTG, NFC, micro USB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot.


Moto G will support HTML, HTML 5, CSS 3 and CSS 2.1 while Canvas Knight will support HTML and HTML 5.


Moto G is available in colours of White and Black while Canvas Knight is accessible in attractive colours of Black with Gold, White with Gold and Black

Important apps

Moto G offers some important apps such as notification LED Multi-colour RGG while the list of important apps preloaded in Canvas Knight includes True caller, BBM, Getit, Where is My Perry, Where is My Water, Real Steel, M! Vault, M! Security, M! Live, Spuul and Hike.

Additional features

Some of the additional features of Moto G include embedded battery type, mobile hotspot and Wi-Fi Direct while that of Canvas Knight includes FOTA, Games, Smoother User Interface, World Clock, Torch, Calculator, Calendar and alarm.


Moto G comes with accelerometer, ambient light, Hall Effect, proximity and magnetometer while Canvas Knight comes with magnetic light, gyroscope, gravity and proximity sensor.

The verdict 

Showcasing the different specifications and features by the latest gadgets has shown a high tech aspect of technology. Availing such luring features in pocket friendly prices has made these models a popular choice in the market. Both Moto G and Canvas Knight have received a warm welcome exclusively for its lucrative applications. This is proving to be a profitable investment. What makes both these handsets tick is the perfect mix of hardware specifications, form, pricing and looks in addition of the fact that both comes from renowned brands.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Google Nexus 6 - A Gigantic Review with Few Trending Rumors

The Google Nexus 6 Smartphone is just soaring over the moon as this yet to be announced phone has amazed the people with its specifications, features and the potential to become the new android king under the phablet niche.

The Nexus 6 has some serious astonishing features which will surely turn the thinking hat on for the manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, HTC and others.

The Google is now taking the android smartphone very interestingly, though the company already covers the 3/4th share with its android OS, but for now, its priority seems to be shifted towards the smartphone manufacturing and conquer the king Samsung.
Google Nexus 6 
Here below is a review of Google Nexus 6 with a few rumors which are hovering over the market.

Hold for the Bendable display with Metal Body

Metal bodies are the most expected from any smartphone which gets launch today. The Nexus 6 is doing the same this time and will ditch the plastic as per the rumors.

Now, the interesting part is that how the Google will put on the bendable display, which is the latest new out in the market on the Nexus 6. Well, I guess there will be some extraordinary thinking from the developers, but I’m happy with both the features and ready to test them on my phone.

Fasten your Seatbelts while Using the Processor

No, you don’t need to get aboard on a flight to use the Nexus 6. It’s just the details of its processor, which has come out and forces me to write it as above.

The Nexus 6 is very much in the mood to get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset working @ 3 GHz with 4 GB RAM and 64-Bit architecture support for the its OS. So, don’t you need to sit back hard to handle such a high speed?

Don’t forget to Charge it!

You must be thinking that I’ll tell you that the Nexus 6 will have a decent battery only. Wait, I said don’t forget to charge it because the Nexus 6 won’t require that irrespective of your uses until you get to sleep.

The 3100+ mAh Li-Ion battery is surely enough to support my statement above as Nexus 6 is supposed to get power from this beast.

Can click pictures? Let’s see what you’ve got!

The Google has vowed to provide the never seen before camera technology with the launch of Nexus 6. The 18-22 MP HDR LED camera will surely redefine the clicking world and will give the Sony and HTC a headache for sure. The company is working on video capturing technology and soon you will not need to carry handy cam all time in your pocket and the device will fulfill your all desires.

Now, if you believe that you’re one of a good cameraman then, show the world your uniqueness and craziness with this camera.

The Android will taste awesome

This is the only thing which is confirmed that the Google will launch the new android with the Nexus 6 as its doing the same with other Nexus phones in the past.

The latest android 4.5v Lollypop or 5.0v Lion Bar will ruin all the launchers and TouchWizs also available today as it’s just too tasty to get handled by them.

Wait, it’s not over yet

The Google Nexus 6 will have a handful of features like smartphone mirroring to watch your content on your smart TV, and yeah a security feature which you can use to lock your phone with your gestures. It’s needless to say that it’ll be water proof and dust resistant.

When it’s coming out?

There is no confirmation about the release date of this high end Nexus phone, but if we look back at the launching dates for previous dates of Nexus series and take the official statement from the Google into the consideration, then the Nexus 6 will hit the market sometime after the first half of this year, that could near the October I guess.

Final Words

The Google Nexus 6 is looking like a perfect device to me who is a hard core android fan and just fed up with the repetitive models of Samsung, features of Sony, average camera of HTC and yeah copy of LG.

The Nexus 6 is going to provide a wholesome option to all the users which are so desperate to get some change in the boring launches of the other manufacturers with only one or two ad ons.

The Smartphone geeks are waiting keenly to hold the handset in their hands with latest OS and awesome features. I would prefer to wait them some more time, which is planning to buy an android phone presently. No other device can be seen in the market equivalent to Nexus 6’s features.