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Sunday, 20 July 2014

SynciOS - Easily Transfer almost Everything on iPhone / iPod / iPad to Your PC and Back

iTunes is an essential iDevice management tool, apparently there were some problems when we managed to sync or transfer media and playlist files from PC to iPhone, iPod, iPad
SynciOS App
SynciOS App
Tired of losing songs, videos, etc. from your iPhone/iPad/iPod every time you sync with iTunes? SynciOS is a fantastic program that will get your iPhone well organized in the way you want.

Key Features

Read and display iDevice information

Effortlessly importing & exporting different files like home movie, TV shows, music videos, Photos, songs, ebooks, etc  to or from PC with zero data loss.

Backup Content to Computer 

Syncios iPhone Transfer
One click to backup music, video, pictures, audio, notes, contacts and text messages.

Backup, Install & Uninstall Apps at ease

iOS Backup and Restore
You can view the list of the installked app, edit app documents, uninstall and back apps in IPA files to computer.

iCloud Photo Streaming management

Easily download and share your streams with friends.

Ringtone Maker

It enables you customize your beloved songs/videos and transfer to iDevice automatically.

Video Converter & Audio Converter

Capable of converting  videos and audio to a wide range of formats supported by iOS.

Phone Transfer tool 

Phone to Phone Data Transfer
Works with both iOS and Android devices. You can not only transfer contacts, sms from iOS to Ios, iOS to Android or vice-versa, but also move other files,like notes, music,videos, photos, Ebooks in just one Click.

File management

  • Turn Your iPod or iPhone into a mass external storage

The only disadvantages I found include: 

  • No finding & merging duplicate music.
  • iTunes has no be pre-installed, even no need to run iTunes.
  • No Mac version available now.
In short, with easy-to-use and intuitive interface. SynciOS could absolutely be the perfect Free iTunes alternative. If you're tired of dealing with iTunes to transfer a specific file, locate and save your contacts, or by type of synchronization, do not hesitate and use SynciOS.

Click here to learn SynciOS getting started tutorial.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The World’s Top Tech Airports

Top Tech Airports in the World
Top Tech Airport in the World
Airports are the hub of some of the most advanced examples of technology on the planet. From state-of–the-art traffic control centers that keep the skies organized to the innovative technology located on the ground, airports are a hive of electronic activity. Most recently, Copenhagen Airport incorporated Google Glass to help check-in passengers, which has been proved very successful with customers. As an increasing number of airports step up their technological game, "low cost holidays" gives us the rundown of the most advanced, tech-savvy airports in the world.

Top Tech Airports in the World

Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

After coming in fifth in PC World’s list of Top 20 Tech Friendly Airports in the USA, it comes as no surprise that Sacramento International is well equipped to deal with the tech-savvy generation. From the unseen gadgets, such as the convection-based cooling system to keep you feeling fresh, to the use of the ‘B4 You Board’ smart phone app that lets you pre-order a meal directly to your gate, Sacramento is keeping tech-loving travelers well catered. For those wanting to keep in touch with the outside world, the new Terminal B complex offers free WI-Fi and an average of 30 USB ports and outlets at each gate.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

This slick, modern airport offers an abundance of Internet access points coupled with plenty of conferencing facilities; ideal for business folk on the move. To keep everything efficient, there is automatic iris recognition at the border, fully automated luggage drop off and even unique screening technology. Known as Security Scan, Amsterdam Schiphol is the only airport in the world to use this millimeter wave screening technology to ensure passenger safety. Another great reason to fly through Schiphol is the recently installed Near Field Communication (NFC) – ready boarding gates. These gates allow passengers to use their NFC-enabled mobile phone to pass through the boarding gate, even if their phone is switched off, making your airport experience that little bit swifter.

Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC)

You may not initially assume that San Jose International is particularly technology-savvy, but this innovative airport has become a popular stomping ground for tech-loving travelers. Relaxing while waiting to board your flight comes naturally, especially when you take advantage of the fast, free WI-Fi and keep your power topped up with electrical outlets that are built into the arms of all the chairs at the gate. If you want to splash out, visit The Club at SJC, a VIP lounge and technological paradise. Kitted out with super-fast WI-Fi, workstations, PCs, free drinks, snacks and showers, and all for just $35, you can ensure your holiday begins from the moment you check in your bags. To regulate temperatures, the terminal chairs are integrated into the ventilation system, diffusing fresh air over eight feet, but only when they sense a person is sitting in them.

Changi Airport (SIN)

While you never need a specific reason to visit the beautiful city of Singapore, passing through Changi Airport certainly provides an added bonus to your trip. The centerpiece to this stunning airport is the interactive Social Tree, made up of 64 massive screens standing at ten meters tall. Fully interactive, this ‘tree’ allows users to log in and upload personal photos and videos which are displayed for everyone to see. The most incredible aspect of the Social Tree is that you can continually revisit these stored memories in any subsequent trips through Changi Airport. If you happen to be feeling stressed, just head to the Enchanted Garden, an interactive experience that comes to life as you walk through it. Triggered by motion sensors, the blooming flowers sparkle and shimmer, creating an ideal place to relax before your flight.

Dallas Fort Worth International (DFW)

Topping the poll on PC World’s extensive search for America’s top tech airport, Dallas Fort Worth was crowned the king of connectivity. The airport benefitted greatly from a partnership with Samsung, who kitted out each gate with charging stations, mobile travel lounges, mobile kiosks, flat screen televisions and video walls. Gone are the days of scouring for an outlet to desperate charge your PC before that long haul flight; DFW boasts the top average number of electrical outlets, fast WI-Fi speed and cellular service. The free Internet access for its 57 million annual travelers goes down pretty well, too.

With everything from automatic cooling chairs, interactive electronic gardens and social trees already in use in airports across the world, who knows what the future will hold for tech-hunting travelers. The airports in this list are present among the most advanced in the world, but with new terminals continually popping up, the next big thing may only just be around the corner. In the meantime, keep your laptops charged and a movie on standby – just in case.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Top Apple iOS 8 Features that can Tempt Any Android User

Apple has recently launched the latest version of OSX, OSX Yosemite and iOS 8, the most anticipated next generation operating system for Apple devices. The iOS 8 has taken the world by storm. I am an iPhone user and am quite happy with the special features that it is offering. Top Apple iOS 8 features are worth mentioning that have caught the attraction of users across the globe.

Top Apple iOS 8 Features 

Whatsapp + Snapchat + Instagram = iMessage:
The new version of iMessage comes packed with a variety of features that is a combination of whatsapp, snapchat and instagram. Like whatsapp one can now audio message, share videos like Instagram and opt for ephemeral messaging like that of snapchat. It also boasts of group chatting and location sharing, which is very much similar to that of whatsapp.
Apple IOS 8 Features

IOS 8 Interactive Notifications:
Apple seems to have outbid its arch rival Android in this aspect. Now one can easily check the notifications, whether it is of a third party app (like Facebook), check Gmail in the same screen without opening that particular app.

IOS 8 keyboard prediction:
Apple has relaunched its QWERTY keypad, but with advanced features. It has an auto suggestion option where the keypad will suggest words based on what you are writing and to whom you are writing. Don’t confuse it with auto corrections. Both these two things are quite different. The iOS 8 also supports Third-party keyboards, something very similar on the lines of Swiftkey, Swype and Fleksy keyboards.

IOS Health App Screenshot:
One of the best features, this app aims at collecting all the information related to your health like pulse rate, calories burned, walking, sleeping pattern and store all the information in this app and will suggest the measures that can improve your health and fitness. It will also notify your physician in times of emergency.

IOS 8 Family Sharing:
If you are a family of 6 then this app is for you. Your family can easily share the purchased apps via family sharing provided the apps have been purchased using a single credit card. In fact, through this feature one can also share family pictures quite easily via family calendar.

IOS 8 Continuity Handsoff: 
Through this feature the user can easily synchronize between the iPhone, iPad and Mac and use any one of them through the other gadget say for example work on Mac via the iPhone. If Wi-Fi feature is not there then the devices will automatically connect to the personal hotspot. Attending calls, writing mails have been never so easy and convenient.

IOS 8 iCloud Drive:
Very much like Google Drive, the iCloud drive will allow you to upload and save any documents. And since you can synchronize between the three devices, if you make an edit on a doc in iPhone it will be immediately reflected on the other two devices as well.

IOS 8 Spotlight App Store:
Now searching anything on your iPhone became more convenient. Whether it is the contact, music or iTunes, App Store, Wikipedia, News, Places and much more, this app store everything under a single index so that you can locate anything at any given point of time.

Although iOS 7 failed to attract the users iOS 8 has garnered its own fan following. And by the year end Apple is hoping to see many Android loyalists becoming a fan of the iOS 8.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Top 10 Free Productivity Apps for Android

In today's world, it is difficult to be productive. Every thirty seconds someone is asking for your time, money or attention. The invention of technology is a double edged sword. It allows us to complete more tasks at the same time, but it also encourages short attention span. Fortunately, there are applications on our Android phones that allow the process of being produced to go more smoothly. The following are the top 10 Apps that will help the world be more productive.
Free Productivity Apps for Android


One of the easiest applications to use. Dropbox is great for people who would like to access their information on the go. When you save something to Dropbox, it is stored in "The Cloud" and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. It is perfect for keeping files and pictures safe.

Tasks (Google)

This application is a good way to create and manage the many lists, we are responsible for daily. This amazing application allows you to see all the lists that you have created for the home page of your mobile device. This allows you to stay more organized at a glance without flipping through several apps at once.


TeamViewer is a great application for remotely viewing your desktop when a mobile version of something just won't work. If you wanted to view the process to get your ehic card online you could access the full site from this application by downloading the application on the computer, then downloading the same application on the Android phone, you are using.

Kingsoft Office

This important application allows you to create documents at a moment's notice from your phone. This is a key application for anyone who needs a word- like document for creating and editing documents on the go. This application is an important tool for anyone who needs to be able to make on the spot edits to documents when a traditional computer is not readily available.

Adobe Reader

This document reader is second to none. It allows you to read and edit PDF documents in a flash and mirrors the desktop version.


This application allows you to manage your Android from a different location without the need for cables. You can move your pictures from your vacation from your Android to your computer effortlessly. It also allows you to locate your phone when you lose it or clear the data if it goes missing after a long night out on the town.


This mobile scanner is the ultimate mobile assistant. The application scans a paper document, then converts it to a digital one.

Easy Voice Recorder

This application is titled, appropriately for its function. It not only allows you to record voice conversations, then play them back for further review. You can also share them with other applications, rename them and delete them.


This awesome application, allows you to write down important notes you need. The notes you create can be accessed from both your desktop and your mobile. So keeping on top of things is easier than ever.

Remember the Milk

This Application will help you to remember the milk and everything else! The easy to use interface allows you to add tasks and reminds you when your tasks are due.

Author Bio:

Amber Rosh is a passionate blogger, living in the UK. She writes on behalf of ehic card. She loves to write as a guest blogger with interest in Travel, Health and Automotive. You can contact Amber at

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Motorola Moto G vs Micromax Canvas Knight - A Comparative Study

The two latest mobile handsets Motorola Moto G and Micromax Canvas Knight have taken the mobile phone market by storm. What is appealing people towards these functional models is their reasonable price range. The hype surrounding the mobile euphoria has lured the general mass. This has unveiled a new dimension that is transforming the world in a totally new area of interest.

Knowing Motorola Moto G

The Motorola Moto G is a one-handed handset, a refreshing alteration from the normal 5” plus models that one has been reviewing of late. The curved back rests comfortably in the palm while it’s dimpled flip covers and grippy matte case is well suited for extended use. It feels good put-together than other existing expensive models built from the similar material. Moto G is compact and possesses premium build quality which belies its low cost.

The moment one holds this mobile phone they will realise why it has been hailed unanimously for its sturdiness and smooth finish. A striking feature of this phone is that it comes with an additional water resistant nano coating inside as well as outside. This feature ensures one the security that if the phone accidentally spills in water or gets wet in the rain, it will remain intact. No wonder this model is the perfect blend of price and performance.

Micromax Canvas Knight - at a glance

Canvas Knight from the house of Micromax is a great attempt to grab the Indian market. This phone is for those users having the expectations such as value for money and decent price with finest hardware specifications and features under this price. Micromax Canvas Knight combines a great built quality with cool slim design. This mobile phone giant has a competitive model at hand that is priced just apt. It offers a powerful processor, crisp display and a powerful camera everything at a competitive price range. When it comes to multitasking this handset is a rare gem with no evident break whatsoever. For this wonderful handset, Micromax should be given a pat in the back. This device is one that every youngster will love to display anywhere. In departments such as battery and camera, the phone impresses.
Moto G Motorola vs Canvas Knight MicroMax

Motorola Moto G vs Micromax Canvas Knight Features and Specifications

Below is a detailed comparison between the features and specifications of Moto G and Canvas Knight.

Operating System

The Moto G handset runs on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and will get the software support for a while from Motorola. While Micromax Canvas Knight on the other hand runs on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which is likely to get an upgrade in the future.

Display and Processor

Moto G boasts of a 4.5”screen having 326ppi pixel density and a resolution of 720p and for added protection it comes with a sturdy corning gorilla glass 3. Micromax Canvas Knight on the other hand is equipped with 5” full HD display having a 441 ppi pixel density. This handset possesses a beautiful bright unit for looking at as well as also produces really good colours.


Moto G comes with a battery that is likely to give back up a little above a day with respect to real world conditions. The Canvas Knight on the other hand comes with 2,350 mAh battery that claims to offer a standby time of 175 hours and a talk time of 7.5 hours in the real world condition.


Moto G is equipped with 1.3 megapixel front camera and 5 megapixel rear camera. The Canvas Knight on the other hand is equipped with 16 megapixel rear camera along with Largan M8 lens that offers better and sharper image quality. It also boasts of an 8MP secondary camera which will help to suffice the duty for video calling and getting self portraits.


When it comes to connectivity, Moto G will offer OTG, micro USB port, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while Canvas Knight will offer OTG, NFC, micro USB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot.


Moto G will support HTML, HTML 5, CSS 3 and CSS 2.1 while Canvas Knight will support HTML and HTML 5.


Moto G is available in colours of White and Black while Canvas Knight is accessible in attractive colours of Black with Gold, White with Gold and Black

Important apps

Moto G offers some important apps such as notification LED Multi-colour RGG while the list of important apps preloaded in Canvas Knight includes True caller, BBM, Getit, Where is My Perry, Where is My Water, Real Steel, M! Vault, M! Security, M! Live, Spuul and Hike.

Additional features

Some of the additional features of Moto G include embedded battery type, mobile hotspot and Wi-Fi Direct while that of Canvas Knight includes FOTA, Games, Smoother User Interface, World Clock, Torch, Calculator, Calendar and alarm.


Moto G comes with accelerometer, ambient light, Hall Effect, proximity and magnetometer while Canvas Knight comes with magnetic light, gyroscope, gravity and proximity sensor.

The verdict 

Showcasing the different specifications and features by the latest gadgets has shown a high tech aspect of technology. Availing such luring features in pocket friendly prices has made these models a popular choice in the market. Both Moto G and Canvas Knight have received a warm welcome exclusively for its lucrative applications. This is proving to be a profitable investment. What makes both these handsets tick is the perfect mix of hardware specifications, form, pricing and looks in addition of the fact that both comes from renowned brands.

The recent hype on mid-range Smartphones has made Stephen Lawson come up with such latest gadgets blogs to show people the profitable side of both the handsets—Motorola Moto G and Micromax Canvas Knight to help them make the best deal.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Google Nexus 6 - A Gigantic Review with Few Trending Rumors

The Google Nexus 6 Smartphone is just soaring over the moon as this yet to be announced phone has amazed the people with its specifications, features and the potential to become the new android king under the phablet niche.

The Nexus 6 has some serious astonishing features which will surely turn the thinking hat on for the manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, HTC and others.

The Google is now taking the android smartphone very interestingly, though the company already covers the 3/4th share with its android OS, but for now, its priority seems to be shifted towards the smartphone manufacturing and conquer the king Samsung.
Google Nexus 6 
Here below is a review of Google Nexus 6 with a few rumors which are hovering over the market.

Hold for the Bendable display with Metal Body

Metal bodies are the most expected from any smartphone which gets launch today. The Nexus 6 is doing the same this time and will ditch the plastic as per the rumors.

Now, the interesting part is that how the Google will put on the bendable display, which is the latest new out in the market on the Nexus 6. Well, I guess there will be some extraordinary thinking from the developers, but I’m happy with both the features and ready to test them on my phone.

Fasten your Seatbelts while Using the Processor

No, you don’t need to get aboard on a flight to use the Nexus 6. It’s just the details of its processor, which has come out and forces me to write it as above.

The Nexus 6 is very much in the mood to get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset working @ 3 GHz with 4 GB RAM and 64-Bit architecture support for the its OS. So, don’t you need to sit back hard to handle such a high speed?

Don’t forget to Charge it!

You must be thinking that I’ll tell you that the Nexus 6 will have a decent battery only. Wait, I said don’t forget to charge it because the Nexus 6 won’t require that irrespective of your uses until you get to sleep.

The 3100+ mAh Li-Ion battery is surely enough to support my statement above as Nexus 6 is supposed to get power from this beast.

Can click pictures? Let’s see what you’ve got!

The Google has vowed to provide the never seen before camera technology with the launch of Nexus 6. The 18-22 MP HDR LED camera will surely redefine the clicking world and will give the Sony and HTC a headache for sure. The company is working on video capturing technology and soon you will not need to carry handy cam all time in your pocket and the device will fulfill your all desires.

Now, if you believe that you’re one of a good cameraman then, show the world your uniqueness and craziness with this camera.

The Android will taste awesome

This is the only thing which is confirmed that the Google will launch the new android with the Nexus 6 as its doing the same with other Nexus phones in the past.

The latest android 4.5v Lollypop or 5.0v Lion Bar will ruin all the launchers and TouchWizs also available today as it’s just too tasty to get handled by them.

Wait, it’s not over yet

The Google Nexus 6 will have a handful of features like smartphone mirroring to watch your content on your smart TV, and yeah a security feature which you can use to lock your phone with your gestures. It’s needless to say that it’ll be water proof and dust resistant.

When it’s coming out?

There is no confirmation about the release date of this high end Nexus phone, but if we look back at the launching dates for previous dates of Nexus series and take the official statement from the Google into the consideration, then the Nexus 6 will hit the market sometime after the first half of this year, that could near the October I guess.

Final Words

The Google Nexus 6 is looking like a perfect device to me who is a hard core android fan and just fed up with the repetitive models of Samsung, features of Sony, average camera of HTC and yeah copy of LG.

The Nexus 6 is going to provide a wholesome option to all the users which are so desperate to get some change in the boring launches of the other manufacturers with only one or two ad ons.

The Smartphone geeks are waiting keenly to hold the handset in their hands with latest OS and awesome features. I would prefer to wait them some more time, which is planning to buy an android phone presently. No other device can be seen in the market equivalent to Nexus 6’s features.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Grabbing Warranty Technology? Read First!

Warranty does two things. One, it increases your reliability, and two, it adds an element of risk. Is such a risk mitigated beyond concern if you have a quality team and superior product quality? Say you have a great product, designed to outlast its competition with superior performance and longevity, the question remains how you process claims when it is time.

Well, warranty processing is one part we seem to overlook given its apparent simplicity. While your warranty offers impose inevitable risk in terms of the compensation you promise, the time, effort and resources required to process a warranty claim affects outcomes in a major way.

How can you fulfill the best of your warranty promises without affecting your organization in a negative way? This post answers your questions with some light on the latest warranty solutions being made available by a number of corporate solutions across the globe. Some are expensive, and others are designed for economical use without compromise. The rest are obviously not recommended!

You will probably be looking for warranty intelligence that lets you optimize your policies in the long run. The intelligence of your warranty system depends mostly on the intricacies of your solution in use. In order to change the scene for the better, you might need to upgrade your software suit. Expensive as it might sound, a revamp is not always on the cards for every organization.

One way to get around the problem is improving auto processing of warranty claims. Besides reducing risks associated with replacements and “free” servicing, making your after-sales process more efficient and customer friendly is definitely important. If the auto processing of claims is the answer, what exactly are the benefits you can avail today? They are many, but trust a warranty solution fully, you need an answer that solves your problem without loopholes.

The prime benefits of the auto processing of claims are moving towards:

1.    Minimizing the processing time

When you have a system that takes control right from the reporting of the issue to resolving it, you essentially have a solution that closes the gap between origination and delivery. In other words, it starts with the customer, and completes a full circle. Besides, it makes sense to have a system that not only treats devices and parts failures separately, but also looks into business conditions before returning the suggested actions on priority. Auto-claim modules with multi-level condition checkers are becoming highly popular, as the completeness involves preventing a conflict with the customer while mitigating business risks.

2.    Elimination of ambiguity in warranty rules

With the auto processing of claims in place, you can make sure that every rule intended to be applied is functional during the process. Dealing with interoperability between risk and warranty management functions also becomes less complex when your warranty solution has the scope to accommodate it. For example, if one of your warranty statutes comes into conflict with business interest, your warranty management suite should be able to indicate that early enough and provide suggestive resolutions.

3. Effective control measures on resources

The ideal warranty solution is meant to go beyond computing or checking for the validity of a warranty claim. It is supposed to be effective in ensuring that people on the job make zero errors. One of the prime factors isolating a good warranty solution is the ability to indicate to professionals what the required actions are, through accurate processing of data and preset rules. Moreover, data processing based on warranty should prevent all discrepancies possible due to intentional and unintentional human action.

4. Pin pointing claim issues without conflicts

Warranty claims arise from a variety of situations. In most cases, customers are unaware of the exact details, leading themselves to place claims that are not allowed. Contemporary auto-processing of claims ensures accurate indications about whether a claim is valid or not, at an early stage. You can avoid customer dissatisfaction by explaining why a warranty claim is invalid. Moreover, auto processing modules should enable you to revert in a fashion that minimizes customer anxiety. In a manual, warranty processing environment, it has always been difficult for executives come up with adequate explanations.

Remember that warranty is an after-sales aspect of organizational functions. While customer satisfaction goes a long way in being fueled by sincere post-sales activities, one can do a lot with the warranty given the advantages available from the latest developments.
Warranty Management Solutions
Warranty Management Solutions

Cost matters

Many warranty solutions are available to be used on a shared basis, improving your chances of getting your hands on the best. While using them exclusively can be an expensive affair, you can always opt for a plan that lets you eliminate every complexity and ambiguity for a modest investment.

When you come to think of it, your warranty policy goes live only when a claim is placed on it. It is true that a warranty policy plays a major role in buying customer confidence before the purchase, but so does a helpful salesperson. The importance of post-sales activities pertaining to comfort of the customer is often undermined. But that’s exactly what has been the differentiator between companies that have failed, and those which continue to grow.

The road ahead

Given today’s turbulent little market, gaining customer confidence is the key to building success stories. Even when the markets are good, you know what you should be doing – being helpful. The primary factors affecting your standing in the market are:
  • How much you care about your customers.
  • How promptly you can solve their issues.
  • Whether or not your risk & warranty policies are well optimized.
While banking on technology for policy-making sounds the ideal way to go forward, you need to be careful about strengthening what can be best strengthened. A warranty solution that lets you improve claims processing is great. It will probably let you keep enough in savings too to invest in a state-of-the-art warranty management suite soon. With that, you are likely to be able to design your warranty policies and process them during claims with greater confidence than was ever perceived.

About Author:

Anand Subramanian is currently a Senior Business architect with the Service operations practice at Tavant Technologies. He has worked in several process improvement projects involving multi-national teams for global customers. He has over 15 years of experience in Warranty management solution, as SME, Business Analyst and as a practicing manager of Business analysts and has successfully executed several projects in Logistics management, Logistics Integration, Reverse logistics, Warranty software and Warranty claims management.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Best 4 Car Apps For Reckless Drivers

Automobiles and mobile phones can be a good combination for safe driving. While it is risky to written text or discuss on the cell phone while designing Mobile phones and car manufacturers are joining up in a different way.

Automakers are starting to present programs for mobile phones that can assist motorists with their vehicles in several different ways. While different producers have developed very different Applications, the pattern as a whole is going in a similar route, which is making more details available to motorists in a fast, easy, fun, and environmentally-friendly way.

Best Car Apps For Reckless Drivers

1. I Zup

This app decides if you are generating or not by using GPS and prevents you from responding to SMS information that you may get while generating. It comes with three different automatic reaction information you can use if you do get a concept. Unfortunately, this app is only available for the Android operating system Industry and doesn't consist of phones or Blackberries.

Like the I Zup app, the Otter app also allows the use of written text information by figure out if you are generating or not. It also allows you to choose different automated reactions to help you keep your eye on the street and not fear about your cell phone. This app is available for several different kinds of mobile phones.

2. Chrysler

Chrysler has changed document master's guides with a Smart cell phone app. Since master's guides are often thousands of many Web Pages, this app is both eco-friendly and more practical. Drivers no longer have to store heavy guides in their hand wear cover section, and the app will make segments of the guide more readily found than they are in the guide or on the CD edition that is provided with some designs. This app will be 100 % free and will also include video presentations.

3. Audi

Another car maker presenting Smart cell phone apps is Audi. While their Car Monitor app is still in growth, the program will give motorists details about their car by connecting it into their vehicle's OBD-II slot, which is the same slot techniques use to connect with the vehicle's computer. This app will tell the car owner what mpg their car is getting over the course of a journey, engine radical changes, and pollutants. Rolls Royce motorists will also be able to use this app to connect with other Rolls Royce entrepreneurs and discover similar information. Drivers will then be able to use this information to discover more details, such as which tracks are the most effective.

4. GM motorists

Some auto producers have been connecting Mobile phones to cars for a little while now. June, GM's On Star emails support presented a function that allows GM motorists to secure or start their car slightly from their Smart cell phone. The program also allows entrepreneurs to display their front lights or honk the vehicle's horn from their cell phone to help discover it in a populated automobile parking space. However, this support is only available to On Star members.

While driving car on highway safety measures are the most important thing, don't forget to take uk provisional driving licence before you start your journey. While most of these features have been developed by the car producers themselves, there are also some beneficial apps that are being developed by third events. One of these is a mouth recognition program, which choices up alerts from cops rate mouth weapons and alerts the car owner. This function also alerts the car owner of red-light camcorders. Another program currently being developed international is a web camera, which will allow motorists to deliver web camera pictures to their cell phone.
Best Car Apps For Reckless Drivers
Best Car Apps For Reckless Drivers

Friday, 28 March 2014

Spy Earpiece for Covert Communication

Spy Earpiece – Comfort and Invisibility

Earphones appeared in our life long time ago. Today about 70% of the world’s population can’t imagine their lives without them anymore and each day leave home with earphones in the pocket, bag or ears. Apart from personal needs earphones became quite spread in business, sports and other professional spheres of life. However, in spite of their utility and efficiency, all of them have one evident drawback – cables. They always cling to clothes and prevent from free movement. offers a great alternative to irritating wires and constrained movements. It’s a spy earpiece that will provide you with real comfort! 

The most important thing is that earpiece is wireless and there’re no inconvenient cables coming from mobile phone or mp3 player to it. Earpiece has an ergonomic design, so it perfectly fits an ear hole and won’t fall out of it. By the way, earpieces can vary in dimensions and will be appropriate for people with ears of different size. This mobile accessory is also of nude color so that it won’t be even noticed in the ear.
To make the earpiece function it’s necessary to insert a small battery into the device and then put the earpiece right into the ear. A transparent string attached to the mini earpiece will help to take it out quickly. 

Spy earpieces can be useful in various parts of modern life. First of all it’s a wonderful way to listen to music or audio books. Cables from traditional earphones tend to get knotted or to cling to clothes, while wireless earpieces allow listening to music free and easy. For the same reason such devices are indispensable for sportsmen who move very energetically and listen to music at the same time. Wireless earpieces can also help drivers to talk on a mobile phone and not to be distracted from the road. Apart from this, these tiny earphones could be very convenient for tourist groups who could use them to listen to excursions or for businessmen while business meetings or at negotiations. 
Spy Earpiece
In addition to wireless mini earpieces offers various bluetooth sets. They have different functionality, size and design, so that anyone will find something suitable for his/her needs.    

Release from irritating cables and get always free movement with our earpieces!
Spy Earpiece In Hand

Monday, 24 March 2014

Marvelous Holidays with Mobile Phone Signal Booster

There are moments in the life of every person when he or she wants to disappear and hide somewhere far away from the rest of the world. Some people do realize their dreams and set off far from their constant place of living and go to the mountains or woods, for example. If you are lucky enough, you can possess a wonderful chalet in the mountains with breathtaking views and crystal air, and not a single person around.

As soon as you feel such a necessity, you take a car and drive away to your remote cottage and enjoy the loneliness there. Staying there for several days will relieve you and help to recharge your whole organism and fill it with new life-giving energy.

Things cannot be Perfect

In spite of all the charms of being alone in an abandoned place, there are some disadvantages and the first one is safety. No one can guarantee 100% safety level in an uninhabited area. Things do happen from time to time.

To Have a Mobile is Enough

In order to feel safe and secure, you should have at least a mobile phone to be able to make an emergency call. But, here the main trouble comes. When you are far from the civilization, you are far from any mobile signal distributing towers i.e. Your mobile may not work at all or have a very weak signal.

A Mobile Phone Signal Booster will not Disturb your Solitude

This is the case to start panicking. Such a problem can be easily solved by installing a mobile phone signal booster in your secret refuge. This small gadget will not disturb your eye, but it will work faithfully. The major function of the device is to connect to the mobile signal tower and catch a signal and boost it for your mobile phone. For more information about this device visit
Mobile Phone Signal Booster
Mobile Phone Signal Booster

This is the only reliable way to have stable and just-in-case mobile phone connection. Being alone in the nature – in the mountains or in the middle of virgin forest is the best thing possible in the life of a modern person heaped under the world troubles. But, to stay there and feel safe and sound in any situation, a mobile phone signal booster is just a must.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Top 5 free iPhone Apps for Music Downloads

Music lovers across the globe were overjoyed when the iPhone was launched. It is one of the few gadgets that have redefined the way the world listens to music.

You can play your favorite music, download and play music that you have never heard before through the different iPhone music apps. Every year something or the other is launched so that music lovers can access better and better versions of music that soothes not only your ears but your soul as well. If you ask me, I will break down my list of favorite iPhone apps.

Top 5 list of iPhone Apps for Downloading Free Music

A roundup of the top 5 iPhone apps for finding and downloading free music online.The most interesting thing about smart phones (that makes them smart) is that they function almost in the same way as your laptop or desktop does and that too anytime and every time as such the demand for finer things, especially in the case of listening to music becomes an ongoing need more so in the case of all those applications that are of the free kind.

Free Music Download Pro: with this app, one can download free music, videos as well as audio books on their iPhone, iPod as well as iPad. It is like three in one. Prominent features of the app include:
  • Web browser
  • Download Manager
  • File manager
  • Create, edit, remove playlists
  • Smart Playlists
  • Audio player
  • Sleep timer
  • Tag Editor

iDownloader Pro:

Don’t get fooled by the name. This app is very easy to use and with it one can play the music, view it as well as transfer the songs to another iPhone, iPad or iPod, whatever may be the case.

iDownloader Pro Features include:

  • Web browser
  • Download manager
  • Music player; playback of mp3, wav and m4a formats
  • Album covers
  • Video player; playback of mp4 & m4v videos
  • Automatically renames downloaded songs by Artist and Song Title
  • Extract zip & rar archives
  • ITunes files sharing folder support
  • USB & WI-Fi Transfer to/from PC
  • Share via USB, WI-Fi or Email
  • Password lock to your files

Free Music Download Pro+

With its single tap music download feature and lyric display capacity, one is sure to love this app. You not only get the chance to listen to the song, but one can read the lyrics as well.  

 Music Download Pro+ Prominent features include:

  • Browser
  • Single taps music downloads
  • Download all music files from the page at once
  • Auto-rename music files from mp3 file tag
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Export Videos to Photo roll
  • IPod-Like music playlists
  • Media player
  • Sleep timer
  • Display lyrics while listening to music
  • WI-Fi & USB transfer from app to your computer or iPod Library and vice versa
Free Music Download Player Pro: with a wide range of collections, ranging to about 500,000 tracks, this app allows one to download music that too in a legal way. 

The Download Player Pro app boasts of the following features:

Free iPhone Apps for Music Download
Free iPhone Apps for Music Download
  • Browser with integrated mp3 search
  • mp3 direct search
  • Search engine manager (add any search engine)
  • 1-tap album download
  • Remote control support
  • Unzip albums directly in app
  • Share download link or directly open the download page
  • Transfer songs between PC/MAC using iTunes files sharing

Download Music Pro:

One of the best apps for downloading music, one can go ahead and download music from any of the website as long as it supports the downloading of the audio files. One can also mix and match and create their own playlist, and can shuffle and switch between songs with the use of a shake or swipe gesture.

Download Music Pro Features Include:

  • Remote control
  • Pausing/Resuming/Removing/Replacing downloads
  • ITunes File Sharing
  • Extended browser with Bookmarks
  • Multiple downloads at a time
  • Import iPod Library
  • Easy editing playlists and downloads list
The advancement of technology has made it easier to search for different applications that are available for free. The moment you type the words ‘free music apps downloaded for iPhone’ Google will show you several hundred searches with different app names that you can download for free. But before you go ahead and do it, make it a point to check out the different features available with the app and then choose accordingly. Not every iPhone user downloads the same app, nor does everyone use the same app, as per one’s requirement and music listening habits one can download and play the app on their iPhone. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the different free music apps all by yourself and download the one that best describes your music listening habits.

This article is written by Jean Walker. In this article, the main emphasis is given to security of Smartphone and Tablets. Keep in mind however that using excess resources can harm and need Smartphone parts and also harm your android parts.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

5 Tips On Buying Smartphone Accessories Like Galaxy S5 Cases

When I consider purchasing a smartphone today, I look into a number of factors to ensure I get the best deal and make the correct decision at the same time. My objectives would be to go for a phone that meets all my requirements, carries a fast processor, offers me enough storage space and lets me enjoy a good brand value.

I would also look into the longevity of the gadget, the price I would get when I sell it off later on and what accessories I can buy for the phone to make it work even better. When I purchased my Samsung s5, I decided to purchase a number of accessories, including one of the Samsung Galaxy s5 cases.

Today, let me discuss some tips that can help you decide on what you should buy for your new smartphone so that you get the most out of it.

Selecting the Smartphone

Before you even think of deciding on whether to purchase some accessories for your phone or not, select the perfect phone for yourself. This would require you to consider your budget, the operating system you would want to use, the RAM, the processor, the inbuilt storage space and how much you can extend it to using a memory card. You may also want to consider the brand and the look of the phone, along with the size of the display.

What Accessories do you Need?

No matter what phone you buy, some accessories are always good to purchase along with the phone. Screen guards are very useful in protecting your smartphone’s screen, even if the phone comes with the latest Gorilla glass. At the same time, you may want to go for good headphones, which may be wired or bluetooth.
Other than that, there are a number of other products that may help you make your phone more useful.

Protection Vs Features

I have already talked about screen guards. I have personally purchased a screen guard for my phone. I have also purchased one of the best galaxy s5 cases, just to ensure my phone stays protected from dust, scratches and damage.

You can also purchase a range of other devices that can add to the features your phone offers you. You can even go for skins that can completely change the way your phone looks.

Looks Vs Ease of Use

Some accessories like the Galaxy s5 flip cases offer your phone very good level of protection. However, bulky cases can actually make your phone look ordinary and make it difficult for you to use it. When you purchase a case or a similar accessory for your smartphone, always consider this before you actually order it.

Online or offline?

I decided to purchase the Galaxy s5 accessories I required online. I got very good discounts and offers on amazon which saved me quite a lot of money. If you want to purchase online, always remember to purchase your products from a reliable website for the best results. If you have a phone that has cost you quite a bit, do not purchase low quality accessories as that may damage your phone or lower its performance.

This Post Contributed by Jason, a gadget freak and a regular blogger. He shares some tips on how to choose the correct smartphone accessories like Galaxy s5 to get the most out of your smartphone.
Buy Samsung Galaxy s5 Cases
Buy Samsung Galaxy s5 Cases

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Giveaway 10 Lifetime Codes of Wondershare Video Editor

Have a giveaway of 10 lifetime codes of Wondershare Video editor this coming week from 12th march to 18th march. Best software for windows and Mac users to edit their videos like a professional. The codes open the many great features of the software Video Editor by Wondershare. The rules and winning process are very easy. Here are the details of the Giveaway – 10 lifetime codes of Wondershare Video editor.

Time Period: One week, from March 12th to March 18th

All the 10 codes will be sent by the official owners of the amazing tool i.e. Wondershare Inc.

Wondershare Video Editor

A professional video editing tool to edit and add professional effects to a video. You can create a boring simple video into an awesome video which can become viral on YouTube and Daily Motion. The software gives many unique features which are best and easy to use for anybody. The Wondershare is also famous for its Macintosh products and it is most popular in media softwares and tools. Here are the main features of Wondershare Video editor, which makes it different from other media and video editing softwares.

Main Popular Features of Wondershare Video Editor

Though the software has lots of features which are best in its kind, here below, we have given some most liked and best features of Wondershare video editor.
1. More than 2 videos can be displayed on a single screen at the same time by this tool.
2. Makes Easy to access each screen of the video.
3. Control the speed of the video at any time.
4. Gives Hollywood style editing and effects.
5. 300+ effects to make the video more stylish and professional.
6. Simply drag and drop method to add media files at any point in the video, at any instant.
7. Develop the video in any format to make it easy to play on any device.
8. Got the mark of best video editor and got 4 and half stars by the users across the world.
9. Dynamic transitions to make the scenes to come in a stylish manner.
10. Includes the Mosaic feature at any area in the video at any instant, to hide the face or something else which you don’t want to share.
11. Have lots of face covers and stylish mask to change the face of someone in the video.
12. Anytime zoom in, zoom out feature on anything in the video.
13. Sensational and more dramatic sound effects to change the atmosphere in the video, you can easily make the scene horrible or funny at any time by including these sound effects.
14. Very important, it gives features like to add any text any instant and also have impressive intros and credits.
15. Burn any time to DVD or VCD directly to play the video in other players.

How to Take Pin this Contest?

Now we have given all main features of Wondershare Video editor above and almost you have a clear idea about it. Now to get the 10 Lifetime codes of Wondershare Video editor, you need to tell us “Why do you need this amazing software in your daily or professional lifestyle?

Leave your comments below about why you need this software? And the winners will be chosen randomly after observing your answers. And all the codes of the video editor will be sent by the Wondershare to directly into the winner’s mail id.

So for what you are waiting, leave your comment below and win the 10 awesome codes of this premium video editing tool free. It’s your turn to show your ideas and we will love to know your true views about the software and why do you need it?
Wondershare Video Editor
Wondershare Video Editor

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mobile Cloud Computing Conquers The Android World

In terms of advances in technology, cloud computing has been very successful in establishing its niche in the market. Data and information can be shared even when the person doesn't have a personal computer. All he needs is a Smartphone. He can access data and information wherever he may be as long as there is a strong internet connection. Even if he's away on business or vacation, he can still keep track of his important businesses back home.

Mobile devices have limitations in terms of storage, battery life, and processing power. With the advent of cloud computing, computing resources have become infinite. Being a new platform, mobile computing combines the power of cloud computing and mobile devices to present an infrastructure which can allow the cloud to perform computing tasks and store large amounts of data. Data storage and data processing occur outside of the mobile gadgets.

Mobile cloud computing provides a host of advantages which include extended life of the battery, ease of integration, improvements in data processing power and storage capacity, data synchronization improvement, and the scalability and reliability improvement. A lot of people are adopting mobile cloud hosting and tech because of the convenience they get in using applications and websites anytime and anywhere. 4G and 3G, together with fixed wireless, Femto-cells and Wi-Fi, provide better mobile device connectivity. Hypervisor, CSS3, Web 4.0, and HTML5 enhance adoption of mobile cloud.
With the branching of cloud hosting and tech to mobile cloud computing, Smartphones is using the Android operating system to prove to enjoy the maximum advantage. The Sync or Synchronizing Facility allows an Android phone user to integrate his customary contacts, social media accounts, and email accounts so that he can have access to them wherever he may be. He can also store and share information because of this Sync capability. In transporting data, Sugar Sync doesn't even need an Internet connection.

In general, Smartphones using the Android operating system can access cloud computing applications. There is no need to purchase hard drives and system software, thus making it more cost-effective. Using the phone's browser, data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Android users also find it easier and quicker to setup applications. Queries and dilemmas are also easily solved.

Android currently has 2 operating systems: Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. Ice Cream Sandwich has features which enhance mobile computing. It is capable of beaming information from one mobile gadget to another. It also has the capability to sync applications and tabs as well as update to the newest versions. Ice Cream Sandwich was designed by Google to provide utmost practicality for mobile users.

Jelly Bean is a successor of Ice Cream Sandwich. Compared to the latter, the former is more enhanced and supportive with maximized data storage capabilities. More applications run by Jelly Bean which also increased user's affinity. Information can be stored and shared across different platforms. Its sliding screens provide various options to users as well. Furthermore, Project Butter of Jelly Bean offers improved graphics which can be rendered at 60 fps speed. This version also offers a text-to-speech feature which doesn't require an internet connection.

Josephine Clark is a Cloud and Mobile Technology enthusiast and an avid writer. Other than working at QuickBooksCloudHosting, she actively participates in various forum discussions, writing blogs and articles on topics like latest mobile apps, updates of Operating systems, Cloud hosting services such as QuickBooks hosting, etc.
Mobile Cloud Computing Conquers The Android World

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wondershare PDF Converter Review - Convert PDF to Microsoft Word/Excel/PPT

In our daily work, some of us work with PDF Files a lot and find it necessary to convert PDF to Microsoft Word/Excel/PPT or other files. You may find some freeware to convert PDF to Word/Excel in the market, however, they do not convert the PDFs to quality files as those professional PDF Converter does. Here I find one professional program called Wondershare PDF Converter.

The regular version of this program converts PDF files to most documents formats pretty well.

The words and formatting are converted correctly and smoothly. The pro version has OCR support and can save Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint as PDF formats.

The Pro version of Wondershare PDF Converter offers you a complete PDF solution not just conversion. Merging or dividing PDF files, converting PDF into a variety of other formats such as MS Word, Plain Text, PowerPoint and HTML, converting MS documents to PDF formats easily.

Wondershare PDF Converter Review

Wondershare PDF Converter has a really nice, intuitive interface. Using the program for the first time is easy because the options speak for themselves. You can either click "Add Files" to select your PDFs for conversion, or you can simply drag and drop the files onto the program.

After that, choose your output type: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, images, HTML or text. Select options if you need to, but the default settings work most of the time. If you have the pro version, you can turn on OCR support. The OCR function enables you to convert the scanned PDF files. Press "Convert" and start.

Overall, this is a very good PDF converter. Compared to free converters, Wondershare PDF Converter definitely comes out ahead, especially if you opt for the pro version and get OCR support. For the most part, this software does a great job of converting PDFs to other formats properly.
Wondershare PDF Converter Review 4.0.1

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Top 10 Must Have Damnlol Clone WordPress Themes Download

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best CMS (content management system) that lets you create highly sophisticated and user-friendly websites swiftly. At times, we come across a website that becomes the inspiration for designing our own site. WordPress offers users with numerous beautifully designed themes that you can even clone. Whether you are fascinated with the idea of cloning the social networking site Facebook or just long to have the look and feel of Twitter on your website, all that’s possible with WordPress clone themes. The best part about these themes is that they’re available at free-of-cost or at cheap prices, and thus, you don’t have to spend big bucks to begin with your project.

Here in this guest post I’ve come up with a list of 10 Damnlol fun WordPress clone themes that you’ll love to download:

1. Damnlol Wordpress Theme

Damnlol Wordpress Theme
This WP theme enables you to make your site similar to 9gag and Damnlol. This theme comes with a clean design and is a light-weight WordPress theme that helps in sharing amusing pictures along with navigation identical to Damnlol website. DAMNLOL.COM WordPress Theme comes with a rich-set of features and is the ideal choice for posting CPC ads and integration of Facebook Comment section.

2. The Funny Planet

The Funny Planet

Another clone WP theme, The Funny Planet consists of features, including one funny picture per page together with viewable comments, Facebook comments and Ajax WordPress comments and many other features that are easy-to-use and can be installed effortlessly. What’s more, this WP theme is not reliant on any WordPress plugin, widget or any other support rendered by WordPress.

3. Ultrahumor 4-in-1

Ultrahumor 4-in-1
 If you’re looking for a clean and light-weight responsive, designed WordPress theme, then Ultramodern fits your bill. IT comes with 4 integrated modes, namely – “GAG, LOL, GRID and VINE”. You can make changes any time through a single click on the theme’s Option panel. With the help of just a single WordPress template you can switch to a site that changes its style from Damnlol to 9gag or even imgur and so on!

4. Nominate

If you want to duplicate the design of Digg type websites, used by people to submit and vote on stories, then Nominate is the best WordPress theme that you can choose. Although, Pligg is a platform that you can use for the similar purpose, but sadly, to get a hold of such software solution can be tough. But, when you can use a WordPress theme to fulfill your aim, opting for a different CMS doesn’t makes sense. Nominate is a great WP theme that allows you to build your own social voting website with no need of depending on anything else than your WordPress theme.

5. Ultrahumor 2013

Ultrahumor 2013

This is a free clone WordPress theme that lets you create funny and joking websites, with Clean and Minimalistic designs. This WP theme comes with two color schemes – light and dark, WordPress widget and menu support, one right sidebar, Facebook comment section and integrated social sharing option and more.

6. IBlogPro 4

IBlogPro 4

It’s a palpable fact that every blogger interested in building a blogging site will hunt for a well-designed blog page having informative content. If you want to create a blog page having the same look and feel just as the Apple blog, you must opt for iBlogPro 4. It even offers many customization options too.

7. Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity Gossip

Gossip is what almost every woman loves. Especially, celebrity chitchat is what most people are interested in! Thus, designing a celebrity website can be a productive choice for those involved in entertainment business. Kineda is a great choice when it comes to designing a clone WordPress powered celebrity website. And you can create a clone website like Kineda using the Celebrity Gossip WordPress theme.

8. TumbleLog


If you wish to design a duplicate website with the similar design as that of Tumblr, then TumbleLog lets you create a Tumblr clone, and thereby help you attain quite similar design like Tumblr on your WP blog.

9. Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Who doesn’t like the simple yet appealing design like Chrome; well, most people do love the idea of having a blog page fairly similar to that of Chrome. So, if you’ve been a blogger and want are in awe of Google Chrome theme, you can opt for – Google Chrome is a WordPress theme that lets you create a lightweight site based on the popular Google Chrome browser.

10. Prolouge


If you want to design a replica of the highly coveted social site – Twitter, you can use Prolouge a cool WordPress clone theme for Twitter.

# Let’s Wrap Up!

You might have got fascinated with a website, and would want to create a duplicate copy of that website. The aforementioned are top 10 clone WordPress themes that you can opt for in order to create a clone of any website you might be interested in.
This Post Contributed by Lucie Kruger, a tech savvy writer who works for a leading Android Applications Development Agency. You can also contact her, if you are looking forward to Hire Android App Developers.