May 15, 2024
Zenmate Vs NordVPN

ZenMate VPN Vs NordVPN 2023 – Choose The Best VPN Software

ZenMate VPN and NordVPN both are security software. NordVPN is very popular software that secures your online information. And the ZenMate VPN also comes in demand and becomes popular day by day. The use of the virtual private network has many benefits like unblocking sites and streaming also. Both VPNs are used to keep privacy and hide your identity while working on the internet. But, there are many differences between ZenMate VPN vs NordVPN.

Comparison of ZenMate VPN and NordVPN

  • ZenMate VPN does not provide full privacy to your browsing information. But NordVPN is reliable for your security that’s why this company is still popular.
  • Servers of ZenMate virtual private network are less as compare to the NordVPN.
  • Due to the minimum number of servers, ZenMate VPN has low internet speed than NordVPN.

These are the differences between ZenMate VPN and NordVPN which you have read in the above paragraph. The prices of the VPN companies depend on the quality of features you get from the VPN companies.

Price – Difference between ZenMate vs NordVPN

           Plans      1 month          1-year        2-year         3-year

      ZenMate VPN

$10.99/month$4.49/month              – $1.64/month


$11.95/month$4.92/month $3.71/month              –

NordVPN is more costly as compared to the ZenMate VPN. But you can get access to many restricted sites and enjoy privacy while using NordVPN. Chase the best offers to get unlimited savings on the use of the NordVPN Coupon Code to get security and access at a minimum price.

Discount on plans – ZenMate VPN and NordVPN

       Discount        1 month           1-year          2-year          3-year
     ZenMate VPN              –             59%              –            85%
     NordVPN              –             58%            68%              –

While purchasing of ZenMate VPN, there is also a chance to receive a huge discount. And for more saving deals, click on the offer of saving on ZenMate Discount Code.

Characteristics of  ZenMate VPN and NordVPN

Common Features Of ZenMate and NordVPN

                       Basis               ZenMate VPN                  NordVPN
 Number of servers & countries3000 servers in 78 countries5400 servers in 59 countries
 Encryption256-bit256- bit
 Block ads & malwareNoYes
 Number of devices connected5 devices at the same6 devices at a time

Key features of the ZenMate VPN

  1. Access to 3000 servers of 78 countries
  2. Kill switch
  3. Show as anonymous
  4. No logs
  5. Hide IP address
  6. High internet speed
  7. Secure browsing information
  8. Unblock sites
  9. Stream live sports
  10. 30 days money-back guarantee + 7 days free trial
  11. Watch blocked youtube videos of your country

Key features of NordVPN

  1. Access to 5400 servers of 59 countries
  2. Hide IP address
  3. Secure online browsing
  4. Hide identity
  5. Streaming videos and games.
  6. No logs
  7. Ads & malware blocker
  8. No need for antivirus
  9. 24/7 live chat customer support support
  10. Fast internet speed
  11. Suitable to all platforms/devices
  12. Connect up to 6 devices at the same time
  13. Kill switch
  14. Security while using public wi-fi also
  15. Safe to use

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Why NordVPN is better than ZenMate VPN?

Why NordVPN is better than Zenmate

Users of virtual private networks give more preference to NordVPN instead of ZenMate VPN. It is because the NordVPN company is older than ZenMate and still it is in the competition. This software has thousands of servers in worldwide countries. Due to the unlimited servers, there is no problem at the time of downloading, streaming or sharing any data. But in a few places, ZenMate VPN does not get connected because of fewer servers.

So, you can easily switch your IP address to get access to unlimited sites and streaming also. NordVPN provides double encryption security as compared to the ZenMate VPN. This is a short comparison between ZenMate VPN and NordVPN.

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What are the reasons to choose the ZenMate VPN?

Most of the features of ZenMate and NordVPN are similar. But ZenMate virtual private is pocket-friendly for all VPN users. So, you can browse anonymously, stream videos, secure online activities within your budget.  Now enjoy, privacy while working on the internet, download and share files at minimum time.

Some common platforms to installed both ZenMate and NordVPN

  • Windows
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Ios
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Name of other platforms to install the ZenMate and NordVPN

ZenMate VPNZenMate virtual private network can also be installed in Edge or OpenVPN.

NordVPNNordVPN company is also suitable for the devices like Proxy, Router, and NAS.


Which is useful? – ZenMate VPN or NordVPN

If you compare based on the features then, NordVPN is best for you. But if the users want VPN in their budget then they can purchase ZenMate VPN. It is because there are most of the features are the same in both the companies of ZenMate and NordVPN. ZenMate VPN companies lack only with few features when compare to NordVPN.

Do ZenMate and NordVPN provide a free version?

Yes, but not both virtual private network companies provide a free version. You can enjoy privacy and access to browse on the internet by using the free version of ZenMate VPN. But the free version is not fully secure like the premium of ZenMate VPN. Its servers are located only in 4 countries and give slow internet speed.

Can you get extra savings on ZenMate and NordVPN?

ZenMate VPN offers a huge saving on a 1 or 2-year plan.  And no other offer is given by the ZenMate virtual private network company. While NordVPN company provides a discount on 1 or 2-year plan. It also gives the extra benefit of saving up to 15% on the NordVPN student discount.

What information is required to get the NordVPN student discount?

To get additional benefits from the use of the NordVPN student discount, some requirements are needed. You are should be the current student in any school or college.  The age must be between 18-26 according to the school Id proof.

Do you also require another security software with both the VPN?

If you are using NordVPN then no security software like antivirus is needed. It is because NordVPN can block the malware also. With the help of malware, a hacker can easily access your device and steal the information. But, ZenMate VPN does not contain this feature so you have to install the antivirus security also.

Which VPN you should buy – ZenMate VPN or NordVPN

According to us, ZenMate VPN is more useful than NordVPN. It is also helpful to hide your identity and IP address. You can get full privacy when you are doing any activity while connected with the ZenMate VPN. The plans of ZenMate are affordable as compared to the Nord virtual private network. ZenMate VPN offers most of the quality features of NordVPN at an affordable price. This software also offers 7 days free trial with a 30 days moneyback guarantee. And ZenMate VPN also offers huge discounts on the purchase of the 1 and 3-year plan.

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