June 15, 2024
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Top Features For An Event App for Event Management Startup

Are you running an event management startup? Are you about to develop an event app for event management application to connect with your customers?
That’s great.
In this mobile age, it is a must for event management startups to develop an event app for event management so that they can directly connect with their customers and serve them a better service. According to Business Wire, the event management market is expected to increase by 8.42% between 2020 to 2021.
Recently, it is also revealed By Crowd Compass that approximately 86% of event planners have got an event application installed on their smartphones. This same startup also revealed that there has been a huge growth in the use of attendee mobile event apps from 94% in 2021 to 140% in 2021.


Event Management Startup

How will you develop an efficient event application that loved by people? What features will you include in it to make it stand out from other apps? Before you end-up framing some important strategies about the app development, it is important to know that there are mainly four different types of event apps, including:
  • Official Meeting Apps
  • Occasions and Ceremonial Gatherings
  • Conferences
  • Social Occurrences
Hence, it is important to decide which type of application you are developing and whether you want to develop event app for iOS or Android platform, the below-mentioned features play important role to make your application successful.

Top Features to Include in Mobile Event Apps:

Features of mobile event apps

1.  Updates About Upcoming Events with Date, Time, and Venue

It is important to provide updates about upcoming events with date, exact time, and venue. You should list details of all the events that are scheduled to occur in specified cities along with the summary of an event.
Along with it, you can also provide directions through map, mentioning the nearest landmark to the venue and obtainable transportations, chalking out a detailed guideline to help them in reaching the venue easily.

2.  Events’ Agenda and Speaker Profilers

To give an attractive yet interesting interface to your developed application, you can try to make it highly informative feeding with essential information of the conference’s agenda, mention about the speakers with their bio and include complete schedule to help the users so that they can take right decisions about attending the event. 

3.  Allow Registration and Purchasing Tickets Online

 Some events and conferences require participants to acquire entry passes and register themselves prior to the event. If you are including these important features in your application, it becomes the cherry on the cake. You should move forward as users can give preference to such application sparing them from undesirable harassments.

 4.  User Interface of Your Event App

As we all know that user interface is the most important feature of any mobile application, so when you are developing an event application, you can provide an interface with easy navigability. It is must that you make your application more user-friendly and well-designed. You can try to make your app simply to access so that users find it ease.

5.  Push Notifications 

When making an event application, push notification plays an important role. It is essential feature to announce some new deals, local events, etc. You can notify users with any special news that delivered right to them.

6.  A Recording Option to Record Important Conferences

Recording feature is one of the most important features. The main aim of making your developed app more attracting and appealing. If the event is recorded and presented in the app along with the slide shares of essential presentations while event.


As recordings can also showcased in the form of document library, enabling users to access the important videos, PDF files, and other podcasts. Users of the app can save the recordings for later viewing.

Developing Your Own Event Application 

There are various event management companies, startups, and event organizers that have decided to develop a mobile application to specifically manage their events also they develop enterprises mobile app too. Through event app, they can directly connect with their customers, who want to arrange any event, personal gatherings, business meetings or conferences.
When developing an event app for event management, these above-mentioned features can make your app stands out from other event applications. You can consider these features while making a list of features that you want to include in your app. However, you can also include some other top features that suggested by your target audience to suffice their requirements.
Once, you finalize a list of features you can discuss your requirements with an experienced mobile app development company. Before, you hiring any company for your project, you make sure that you check their portfolio. Then decide that whether this company is capable to handle your project or not.

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