May 17, 2024
is apple watch 3 still worth it

Is Apple Watch 3 Still Worth it? Find Out Now

Is Apple Watch 3 still worth it? This is one of the most common questions that fans of smartwatches have been asking lately. The answer is yes Apple watches series 3 is still worth it.

Apple smartwatch series from 1 to 5 has been most amazing and popular in the world despite its high prices. The reason is quality, features, design, cool display, power, and advanced tech. 

Apple watches series 3 came out in 2017. It was the fourth-generation model of apple smartwatches. It was a more advanced version of its predecessor the apple watch series 2. 

Now it is 2023 and we can see that despite series 4 and 5, the popularity of apple watch 3 has not gone down. People are still purchasing it. The reasons are – it still has many advanced features that you need in 2023. And the second most important reason is the price. Compared to apple watch 4 and 5, the price of apple watch 3 is very low and affordable. That is why it is still selling. 

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Now we are going to look at some of the key reasons to clarify why the Apple watch series 3 is still worth it right now. 

why apple watch series 3 still matters

Design, Look, & Display

The look of the apple watch series 3 is gorgeous without a doubt. It comes with a Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band and Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band. It also has interchangeable bands so you can explore your five colors.  

The case size is 38mm x 42mm. The case thickness is 11.4 and the case weight is 26.7g. 

It has a second-generation Retina OLED display with force touch 1000 nits. It is waterproof or water-resistant up to 50 meters. It has GPS and optical heart sensor also. 

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The display is pretty amazing. You can attend calls, check your heartbeat rate, text messages etc. It is a beauty to sum it up. The display is not as large as new series 4 and 5 but it is still very gorgeous. 

smart features of apple watch series 3

Power, Battery & Storage

For providing you more power, speed and performance it has S3 with Dual-Core Processor and W2 wireless chip. This processor is very strong for a smartwatch. You will get the ultimate performance and speed with it. 

This watch has LTE and UMTS. The wifi is also very good and 4.2 Bluetooth. This is what ensures good connectivity of this smartwatch. 

The storage is beyond expectation. It is 16 GB capacity (GPS+Cellular) and 8GB GPS. 

You can store your favorite songs over 60 million. 

The battery life is up to 18 hours, which is impressive. You don’t have to worry about charging it over and over. 

Apple gives you ultimate quality features and functions. This is why speed is not a problem. And the products are durable and last longer in the long run. 

Fitness & Health Features

For tracking fitness and health this watch is your soulmate. It has an optical heart sensor that checks and gives you alerts about low and high heart rates and also irregular heart rhythm. You get all the notifications related to your hearts from your wrist.  

Track your steps and exercise with this smart beast. You also get the right workout metrics with this watch. Apple smartwatch would be a very good fitness partner of yours especially during this COVID 19 era when all the gyms are closed.

Apple watch 3 affordable than 4 and 5

Other Important Features

It has GPS/GNSS and a barometric altimeter, emergency SOS, and built-in speaker and mic. 

You can make an emergency call right from your wrists. And you can find your iPhone with just one ping. It also has a digital crown. 

It does not have fall detection unlike Apple watch series 4 and 5. This is one downside of this watch we can point out. It also does not have an electric heart sensor that series 4 and 5 has. 

Let’s Wrap it up

When it comes to design, display, processor, battery life, storage, and advanced features apple watch 3 is the right choice for you under an affordable budget. 

The price of this watch is around 20 thousand Rupees and the price of Series 4 and 5 are twice and more than twice of Apple watch 3. They have a few extra features and the latest processor. However, with this price, Apple Watch 3 is still worth purchasing. 

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