June 13, 2024
How Secure is your website

How Secure Is Your Business?

In case you missed one of the biggest news stories of the year last week, here’s what happened. Major mobile telecommunications giant, Talk Talk, were hacked. Their database of customer information was compromised, leaking tons of data. Experts are calling it one of the biggest cyber attacks on a commercial company. The suspect? A fifteen year old computer genius acting alone. If a fifteen year old can hack one of the biggest companies in the world, it begs the question: how secure is your business?

Cyber theft and data breach is a very real concern for modern business. No-one is entirely secure from the threat, and it’s up to you to take action. Here are some tricks and techniques, straight from the experts, to help you stay safe.

Strong Passwords

Passwords might seem like a simple trick in the grand scheme of things. But, in reality, hackers find it very difficult to crack a strong password. The only way they’ll get through passcodes is when they discover patterns. When using the same passwords over and over again, it becomes easy to predict and break. Make sure you’re varying the passcodes on a weekly basis in the office. As for the password itself, try to use a different combination for every account you use.

Encryption and Firewalls

Encryption is a centuries old practice used to scramble and obscure data. It’s the best way to secure information. In simple terms, it turns your standard data and information into unreadable code. It is now impossible to read the true contents without the corresponding encryption key. A firewall is also a great way to keep malicious bots and hackers out of your system. A firewall creates a strong fence around your data, and repels suspicious intruders.

Methods to secure your business

Data Storage

The manner in which you store the data is also crucial. When dealing with sensitive or incriminating data like customer information, you must be extra careful. A simple hard drive or shared server is not secure enough. Instead, you’ll need to look for a professional data center build service. They’ll create a bespoke server storage that is unique and personal to you and your company. It’s safe, secure, and essential!

Physical Security

Despite all these digital security measures, don’t forget about real world, physical threats. In many cases, it’s impossible for hackers to get into your system from the outside. However, if they get hold of a company laptop, hard drive or Blackberry, hackers can quickly get access. There’s a reason why Blackberry developed the nickname ‘hackberry’! Embrace the mobile revolution, but keep your personal devices safe and secure at all times.


Last of all, make sure you keep secure backups of all data and information. You can do this in a variety of ways. Start with physical, hard copies of sensitive or confidential information. Next, use a cloud storage system to keep essential information safe from hard drive crashes. Lastly, use a safe and secure hard drive. By using all three techniques, you’ll insulate your company from any problems.

After reading how secure is your business, how confident are you about the security of your business?

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