June 13, 2024
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How To Find Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape?

We all know that every girl wants a perfect wedding dress for herself. And likewise, when someone is looking for her ideal wedding gown, she surely wants something that flatters her figure. Also, a dress that highlights all of the body’s greatest features is an ideal wedding dress. It doesn’t matter whether you have an hourglass, triangular, or oval body shape, you can dress yourself according to your desires. For better knowledge about your body shape, make use of the get your body shape calculator by calculator-online.net.

It is said that shopping for a perfect wedding dress can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It is very difficult to estimate where to start when you have so many different designs, shapes and sizes to pick from.

Here, in this article, you will get comprehensive information regarding how to find a perfect wedding dress for your body shape. So just scroll down!

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Determination of Your Body Type.

The first step in finding a beautiful dress is to find out your body type. It is the most important step.

Pear Shaped Body

If your shoulders are smaller than your hips, and the majority of your weight lies in your thighs and hips, then you have a pear-shaped body. Girls having such body shape should avoid empire dress styles as they can destroy your delicate shape. You must Look for a dress with a more tailored fit, such as a sleek silhouette. Moreover, you can wear sleeveless dresses to balance out your smaller shoulders and larger hips. For a better experience, use a free body shape calculator before you make a selection of your wedding dress.

Rectangle Shaped Body

If the size of your shoulders and hips are almost the same and there is no defined waist then the shape of your body is rectangular. Girls having rectangular-shaped bodies should avoid figure-hugging dresses. Because such dresses will emphasize your straight shape. Also, they offer you less definition. Similarly, high necklines make you look longer and unbalanced in shape. That is why it is always preferred to take into account the use of the free body shape calculator for selecting a costume that best fits your body.

Hourglass Figure

In this type, the person’s hips and shoulders are similar in size, but your waist is fully defined. It is better not to add any more weight to your breast and hips because they are already perfectly proportioned. Princess-style dresses with wider skirts should be avoided. Such dresses may make you look larger in these areas and are less attractive. That is why you are asked to use a body type calculator for women for a better knowledge of your figure.

Inverted Triangle Shape

When Your shoulders are wider than your hips which gives you an inverted triangle shape with a huge upper body and a small lower torso. Then your body type is regarded as the inverted triangle-shaped body. Strapless dresses, off-the-shoulder, or halter neck gowns should be avoided because they make people more attentive to your larger shoulders.   Instead, you must Look for an asymmetrical or v-neck style that complements your body shape flawlessly. Fuller straps and sleeves also enhance the beauty of your physique by softening your shoulders. 

Last Words

In this read, you are advised to choose the best costume for your wedding by using a body shape calculator. We hope it will help you a lot!

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