April 11, 2024
Holy Stone HS700D Review

Holy Stone HS700D Review 2023 | Holy Stone Coupon Code

Need a high specification drone that can record 2K full HD video and fly a long time under your budget? Holy stone is one of the best sellers that provides a world-class drone in low budget to users, which can easily be handled by a beginner.  Today, we will discuss the Holy Stone HS700D Review. In which you will get to know the cost of Holy stone HS700D and the specification you will get in this drone.

A Complete Holy Stone HS700D Review 2023

Features of Holy Stone HS700D

  • 5GHz Live Video Transmission

Now record 2K FHD video on the angle of 110° FOV 90° by high-quality cameras. With the help of 5GHz live video transmission, you can make a video from a hight of upto 2600FT.

  • Long-Lasting Battery

In Holy Stone HS700D, you will get the long-lasting battery that will stay upto 22 minute flight time. Where many other drones battery ends up within a few minutes, it will give you more time to record your video.

Holy Stone HS700D price

  • Brushless Motor

For a powerful flight, your drone must have a strong and powerful motor. Holy Stone HS700D comes with a brushless motor that gives a quite powerful flight and won’t die because of the crash or high temperature.

  • Easy to Use

One of the best things about Holy Stone HS700D review is, anyone can easily make use of it. Even beginners won’t face struggle while using it. You can easily focus on camera control and enable more quality shots.

holy stone hs700d fpv drone with 2k fhd camera

  • GPS Follow Me

Now you can record amazing shot with GPS follow me features. In this feature, the drone will follow you with a pointing camera towards you. This type of video is on the trending list of Social media sites.

  • Auto Return Feature

Remember you lost a drone of your just because of loses connection. Well Holy Stone HS700D drone is designed like that it will return back to the take-off place as per instruction. This feature is very helpful when the drone is out of power or have a connectivity issue or the drone fly out of range.

  • Custom Flight Path

You can easily control the movement of Holy Stone HS700D drone with the app. Just draw the possible route over the app screen and the drone will move on the same path and give you real-time landscape.

Holy Stone HS700D fvp drone

Holy Stone Coupon Code and Pricing

Holy Stone HS700D price range starts from $224.99 but it is currently available at just $191.24. Also, you will get the Holy Stone coupon code by which you can get a huge discount on each purchase. You can save upto 15% or $33 easily when you shop with us. 

Here are some trending Holy Stone promo codes by which you can save more money. 

Save 20%Save 20% on 2 PCS 2800mAh 7.4V Battery when you purchase 1 or more HS700D GPS RC Drone offered by Holy StoneJ2YWWJHN
Save 15%Save 15% on Spare Parts Kit when you purchase 1 or more HS700 GPS RC Drone offered by Holy StoneUG7WET7Q
Save 20%Save 20% on 1 PCS 2800mAh 7.4V Battery when you purchase 1 or more HS700D GPS RC Drone offered by Holy StonePAL6MO44

Specification of Holy Stone HS700D

Weight608g ( FAA Needed)
Dimension8.66*8.66* 6.10in (Without protection guards)
Flight Time22 Minutes
Charging Duration5-7 Hours
Camera Quality2048*1152p / 2K FHD
Live Video Transmission Range1640-2600 ft
Max Control Range3280 ft.
Battery Capacity2800 mAh
Motor2204 1500KV Brushless Motor

Things you will get in the complete package of Holy Stone HS700D

  1. 1 Drone with a handful of manual, which will help you to discover more about the product.
  2. 1 Transmitter with a phone holder that helps you to control the drone easily.
  3. 2 Landing Gear
  4. 1 Drone Battery with USB Charging Cable and dual balance charger.
  5. 1 Screwdriver, to assemble the drone.

Note: Transmitter is situated directly below the drone, so please careful while taking out the package. Also, the smartphone screen is not included in this package.


In this Holy Stone HS700D Review, we discussed the top features, pricing, specification, and many other things. If you have a tight budget and want awesome features then this is the best drone you should go for. HS700D is very easy to handle and control. Now make awesome landscape video and share on social media with your friends.

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