April 23, 2021

How to Gain a Competitive Advantage with Enterprise Mobile App?

Overview: Enterprise Mobile App Strategy

As you know that every digital marketer loves to talk about consumer-facing applications like enterprise mobile app and, why shouldn’t they? After all, they are flashy and most of all they are sharing your brand with the world.

But do you know that there’s another fast-growing trend that competitive organizations are focused on? However, it’s giving smart companies an edge over the competition by boosting work productivity, allowing information-sharing, easing tasks and developing connections with customers and easing tasks.Enterprise Mobile App Strategy

Recently, Adobe has surveyed 1500 enterprise decision-makers across the world in sales, marketing, and human resources to learn more about their enterprise mobile app strategies. It has been discovered that 61% of people believe that companies risk being at a competitive disadvantage by not embracing mobile apps.

However, approximately 66% of those plotted believe that they are either on par with – or worse, they are lagging – their competitors about enterprise mobile apps. With expanding a competitive edge over the enterprise mobile app strategy, the opportunities are growing quickly.

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This is the reason why we have combed the data to discover strategies you can use right now. Below, you can see five highly essential tips for creating a competitive enterprise mobile app strategy:

Organizing key Capabilities for Success of Enterprise Mobile App

Make sure that you regulate that which features will harvest the excellent results for your brand. Not a big surprise; but nearly half of survey respondents named security as a top feature and for good reason.

As you know that mobile devices are constantly on the go, and there are many loaded with private and proprietary information. Integration with other business systems ranked highly as there is not only value in showing content in an application; however, also in its integrating easily, enabling employees to do something with that content like place
orders or you can update sales records also.

From respondents, 36% quoted ease of publishing and updating content as a key ability, enabling developers, marketers, and business users to update and push content, making sure that it is accurate and up to date. Ultimately, 34% of survey respondents conversed multiple platform support and the capability to access other devices and platforms as a top priority for success.

Comprehend How Organization Views Enterprise Mobile Apps

In addition to this, the survey has revealed some of the interesting ideas on the insight of enterprise mobile applications within the organization and how that knowledge and information can be used in boosting results and adoption from the deployment of enterprise mobile applications.

As per the results, employees, who are using enterprise mobile applications, feel up to date (90%) versus out of touch, productive (88%) versus distracted and empowered 87% versus helpless.

It is true that efficient adoption of new tools as well as technologies can be difficult and it is important enterprise app strategy must comprise programs to measure and improve employee satisfaction through surveys, analytics, updates, training and program communications.

Uniting teams across the digital deployment of applications by creating programs that make sure employee satisfaction, helping in driving internal consensus and buy-in support.

Ensure That You Focus on result-oriented apps that suffice the needs of mobile workforce

While asking to respondents about the types of enterprise mobile apps were likely to be result-oriented in the next three years, they respond to customer service and support (61%), sales enablement (59%), customer relationship management (59%), and collaboration systems (59%).

By focusing on result-oriented applications, you can discover that which applications are important for your organization by evaluating employee workflows and looking for all those, who meet the requirements of a highly mobile workforce.

You can identify that how to equip your employees to be more productive with mobile apps, map to the requirements of your organization and focus on all those that yield the most advantage.

Moreover, you can also supplement or replace current core desktop applications with those that geared toward mobile. After that, you can expand resourcefully to those areas, where mobile as well as device-specific features will harvest productivity and benefits.

Future-proof’s Your Enterprise Mobile App Program

By investing in and staying in advanced of in app-development requirements, you can your organization and enterprise to gain deeper app adoption whereas supporting broader use cases.

As per the survey result, 77% of companies believe that the enterprise mobile app world is quite different from what it was two years. The step of change is rapid and future-proofing an enterprise mobile app program that is important for developing a competitive strategy.

Remaining informed on security and privacy safeguards company’s’ proprietary information; cloud-driven apps help connect mobile experiences with backend systems such as enterprise resource planning and optimizing user experience delivers clean and intuitive user experiences, which engages with and add value to workstreams and processes.

You can start this by looking at the applications which is currently made?  How it made? What are the workflows? It is important to assess your existing enterprise mobile app strategy and know other areas, where the right app could drive further productivity.

Though 61% believe that businesses, who risk being at a competitive disadvantage by not embracing mobile apps whereas 66% of companies believe that they are only on par with or lagging the competition when it comes to using enterprise mobile apps to more additional business objectives. There are various brands that have a wonderful opportunity to outpace the competition by developing competitive enterprise mobile app strategies that deliver.

So, these are the top ways to gain a competitive advantage with enterprise mobile app strategy. However, if you are looking forward to developing an enterprise mobile application, you can hire an experienced mobile app development company that has a proficient team of mobile app developers with sufficient knowledge.

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