February 25, 2021
4 ways Your Business Can Embrace the Mobile Revolution

4 Ways Your Business Can Embrace The Mobile Revolution

Every business must adapt to the mobile revolution. Mobile technology is quickly becoming the most influential medium, and companies need to adjust. In the last twelve months, mobile internet access has surpassed traditional computer access. That means more web users are on a smartphone or tablet than a desktop or laptop. It’s a huge shift in the way consumers operate. As a business, if you’re not mirroring this trend, your days are numbered! If half of your customers are on mobile devices, you need to make sure you cater for them. The world moves quickly, and it’s not always easy for business owners to keep up. So today, we’ll show you how your business can embrace the mobile revolution. Let’s take a look.


1. Build a responsive website

A ‘responsive’ website means a site that adapts to whichever device loads up the web page. For example, the website will automatically recognise if it’s opened on an iPhone or a tablet or a laptop. It will instinctively display in the best possible way for that user. It’s a replacement for building an entirely separate mobile site, which was the old best-practice. Most professional web designers now build responsive websites as standard. It has become the bare minimum requirement. Make sure your company website is responsive.

2. Build an app

Many companies now have their very own app. So should you. Most mobile internet access takes place through an app, so it’s up to you to adapt to this technology. You need a strong presence in the app market. It’s now easier than ever to create an application. An app development agency can help you turn your plans into something real. You can get creative with your app too. Use it to offer your customers additional value, and take advantage of the mobile platform.

3. Reduce text

Adapting for the mobile world isn’t just about the mechanics. It’s not enough to build a responsive website and create an app. You’ve got to understand how your customers are using the mobile web. Studies show that mobile users have even shorter attention spans than computer users. Remember, you’re working with a smaller screen here, you’ve got a small space to make a big impact. Reduce your text to only the necessary component.

4. Embrace social media

Mobile internet access revolves heavily around social media. The likes of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are reliant on mobile use. Indeed, they power it! As a business, you need to build a coherent social media strategy to encourage content sharing. Make sure your business is talked about on these platforms, and optimise your content for social sharing. We still speak to many companies that are wary of social media. It’s time to throw out this scepticism, and jump aboard the train while you still can. Social media is the essence of mobile communication, don’t get left out!

Mobile access is no longer a novelty or side-thought. It is a very real part of your business. Make sure you have a plan. Embrace the mobile revolution!

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