April 23, 2021
Killer Online Presentation

3 Steps To A Killer Online Presentation

The internet has created plenty of new business opportunities in recent years. A chance to reach a worldwide audience of millions has to be considered one of the most exciting. With a little ingenuity, your company could see phenomenal results. The key is to embrace technology with open arms.

Making a killer online presentation is one way to give yourself the edge over your competitors. You could stream live to the masses, or pre-record it as an online programme. Either way, this is an opportunity that no visionary would want to miss.

It sounds like a daunting task, but it isn’t. Here is an easy three-step guide to creating the perfect killer online presentation.

steps to a killer online presentation

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. It’s an old cliché, but it rings true with the idea of an online business presentation. The stage of planning is arguably the most important of all.The key to your online presentation is to understand that a large portion of your audience will be speaking English as a second language. Making mistakes will confuse some of your viewers, and that could put them off. Using a grammar checking package is advised.Similarly, you should remember that not every viewer will be an experienced professional. Some are using your video as an introduction to a subject. While you don’t want to patronise, it’s probably best to leave out overly complex jargon.

The actual content will be dependent on what you are talking about and what you are aiming to achieve. So we’ll leave that one to you.

An organised presentation doesn’t only look professional; it will help you through the process of presenting it. Slideshows and other visual aids can help move the project along nicely, serving as a huge benefit for both you and the audience.

Computer technology makes it easy to create a winning slideshow. If you are planning to pre-record, you can also cut to these items instead of staying fixed on your presenting. Besides, a lot of viewers will find it easier to understand visual information over auditory learning.

A presentation aimed at this demographic does differ from a real life audience, but the main principles are the same. Deliver information in a clear way and you cannot go far wrong.


The presentation is hugely important. While your video doesn’t need to be a Hollywood blockbuster, viewers won’t watch poor quality videos. When there are so many great affordable cameras on the market, you don’t have an excuse. Besides, there’s no point in taking on this challenge if you aren’t prepared to give it the full attention it needs.

Connection issues are the chief reason we’d suggest pre-recording rather than streaming live. This also gives the option to make edits later on or even add VT clips. For example, you could use projectors to hold a conference calls for added input from industry professionals. Those extra ideas could be the difference between a good and great result.

The other bonus of pre-recording is that you aren’t under as much pressure. Knowing that millions could be watching is scary. The opportunity to film in smaller segments, or reshoot after mistakes, is something every beginner should take.

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