January 24, 2021

What Defines a Great App Idea?

Do you know? What Defines a Great App Idea?

With millions of apps available on the market, and success stories about app makers striking it rich popping up on the news, it might seem like app development can be a great way to strike it rich.

But making the next multi-million dollar app is no small feat, so don’t be fooled when you read about high school kids selling their apps for a fortune. App stores are full of low-rated flops that no one uses, so what are the elements of a winning app idea that can potentially hit the big time? There are a number of signs.


What Defines a Great App Idea?

What’s the Problem?

First off, the app should address a problem that is common to many people and solve that problem in a creative fashion. If your app is to ever get beyond “Oh, that’s cool” phase. And, onto smartphones worldwide, it will have to offer some kind of value.

Take for example to Toilets of the World app created by Software Developers India. It will find the nearest toilet to wherever you in the world with a rating from one to six. How many times have you been out somewhere. And, when the call of nature calls and you just can’t hold it in? This app addresses this all too common dilemma with a novel and funny approach.

No matter what the app does, it has to serve some sort of purpose otherwise no one will care.

Is it Original?

Before you go racing off to hire a developer, do you’re due diligence first. Check the app stores for what other people have done so far and see if your app idea really is as original as you might think.  If there already are similar apps, what makes yours different?

There needs to be some sort of angle or feature that puts it a cut above the rest. If your app is just the same as a million others out there, it’ll be that much more difficult to get noticed and therefore, turn a profit.

The Look and Feel

No matter what your app does, it has to be dead simple to figure out. it must have a visually pleasing interface. Feel is more important than look, however. That means that the touching, swiping, and switching between features should flow with ease, run smooth, and feel convenient. The user should never feel confused or overwhelmed by the app.

The look is secondary because if the user experience is terrible, then the sexiest looking interface in the world won’t help. But of course it shouldn’t be ignored. Those initial screenshots of a nice interface can be what draws people in to try the app in the first place.

These three signs should help in determining if your app is worth the effort. If it doesn’t pass any of these indicators, consider retooling or adjusting your approach. Referring with a developer can help decide if it’s worth it. SDI, for example, first meets with clients to discuss their idea and sharpen their vision of what it should be. Meetings such as these can direct your app onto the path of success whereas before it may have been doomed to failure.

What Defines a Great App Idea? isn’t the question anymore now. Tell me your valuable opinion about this matter now.

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