IT News of Technology also considered as ITNT, is a popular web blog publishing technology news constantly,  Technology News, Internet Marketing, Make Money, Social Media, How to, JAVA, Creativity, Wordpress, Entertainment, Web Design, Traffic, eCommerce, Blogging, Health, Travel and many more etc. Launched in late 2013, IT News of Technology has come a long way today is a well-known webblog specialized in the composition of a weblog, Technology, SEO and many other niches. Within a couple of months housing improves ITNT has overcome many amazing goals.

Behind ITNT


Author and director of the IT News of Technology. He is an Online Digital Marketer Professional and be the blogger behind ITNT. He lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He is deeply intrigued by the world of manipulation and invest a large part of his new opportunity to challenge innovation and research plans and significant assets that make life simpler. You can reach me at nileshtalaviya@gmail.com

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