Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Top 10 Must Have Damnlol Clone WordPress Themes Download

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best CMS (content management system) that lets you create highly sophisticated and user-friendly websites swiftly. At times, we come across a website that becomes the inspiration for designing our own site. WordPress offers users with numerous beautifully designed themes that you can even clone. Whether you are fascinated with the idea of cloning the social networking site Facebook or just long to have the look and feel of Twitter on your website, all that’s possible with WordPress clone themes. The best part about these themes is that they’re available at free-of-cost or at cheap prices, and thus, you don’t have to spend big bucks to begin with your project.

Here in this guest post I’ve come up with a list of 10 Damnlol fun WordPress clone themes that you’ll love to download:

1. Damnlol Wordpress Theme

Damnlol Wordpress Theme
This WP theme enables you to make your site similar to 9gag and Damnlol. This theme comes with a clean design and is a light-weight WordPress theme that helps in sharing amusing pictures along with navigation identical to Damnlol website. DAMNLOL.COM WordPress Theme comes with a rich-set of features and is the ideal choice for posting CPC ads and integration of Facebook Comment section.

2. The Funny Planet

The Funny Planet

Another clone WP theme, The Funny Planet consists of features, including one funny picture per page together with viewable comments, Facebook comments and Ajax WordPress comments and many other features that are easy-to-use and can be installed effortlessly. What’s more, this WP theme is not reliant on any WordPress plugin, widget or any other support rendered by WordPress.

3. Ultrahumor 4-in-1

Ultrahumor 4-in-1
 If you’re looking for a clean and light-weight responsive, designed WordPress theme, then Ultramodern fits your bill. IT comes with 4 integrated modes, namely – “GAG, LOL, GRID and VINE”. You can make changes any time through a single click on the theme’s Option panel. With the help of just a single WordPress template you can switch to a site that changes its style from Damnlol to 9gag or even imgur and so on!

4. Nominate

If you want to duplicate the design of Digg type websites, used by people to submit and vote on stories, then Nominate is the best WordPress theme that you can choose. Although, Pligg is a platform that you can use for the similar purpose, but sadly, to get a hold of such software solution can be tough. But, when you can use a WordPress theme to fulfill your aim, opting for a different CMS doesn’t makes sense. Nominate is a great WP theme that allows you to build your own social voting website with no need of depending on anything else than your WordPress theme.

5. Ultrahumor 2013

Ultrahumor 2013

This is a free clone WordPress theme that lets you create funny and joking websites, with Clean and Minimalistic designs. This WP theme comes with two color schemes – light and dark, WordPress widget and menu support, one right sidebar, Facebook comment section and integrated social sharing option and more.

6. IBlogPro 4

IBlogPro 4

It’s a palpable fact that every blogger interested in building a blogging site will hunt for a well-designed blog page having informative content. If you want to create a blog page having the same look and feel just as the Apple blog, you must opt for iBlogPro 4. It even offers many customization options too.

7. Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity Gossip

Gossip is what almost every woman loves. Especially, celebrity chitchat is what most people are interested in! Thus, designing a celebrity website can be a productive choice for those involved in entertainment business. Kineda is a great choice when it comes to designing a clone WordPress powered celebrity website. And you can create a clone website like Kineda using the Celebrity Gossip WordPress theme.

8. TumbleLog

If you wish to design a duplicate website with the similar design as that of Tumblr, then TumbleLog lets you create a Tumblr clone, and thereby help you attain quite similar design like Tumblr on your WP blog.

9. Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Who doesn’t like the simple yet appealing design like Chrome; well, most people do love the idea of having a blog page fairly similar to that of Chrome. So, if you’ve been a blogger and want are in awe of Google Chrome theme, you can opt for – Google Chrome is a WordPress theme that lets you create a lightweight site based on the popular Google Chrome browser.

10. Prolouge


If you want to design a replica of the highly coveted social site – Twitter, you can use Prolouge a cool WordPress clone theme for Twitter.

# Let’s Wrap Up!

You might have got fascinated with a website, and would want to create a duplicate copy of that website. The aforementioned are top 10 clone WordPress themes that you can opt for in order to create a clone of any website you might be interested in.


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