Monday, 3 June 2013

Top 10 Apps for Mac that You Really Need

Everyone has their technological preferences in this day and age. After all, you can make the most out of the myriad of technological platforms, devices and apps in order to stay connected with your work and social life both. However, from PC’s to smartphones and everything in between, the life force of connectivity seems to be the app world.

Having the right apps means that you have all the right tools you need to get your work in order and get some major amusement and entertainment off your devices. Now if you own a MAC, there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t have some of the best apps out there. Unfortunately many of them end up being overlooked as iOS apps take center stage. But Apple has some good stuff for MAC too. Here are the top ten apps for MAC that just about every user should get.

List of Top 10 iOS Apps for Mac

Freedom: Definitely an interesting app to start with. With this app you can temporarily disconnect your internet connection and thus work in offline mode. The point is to be ‘free’ from all sorts of online interruptions when trying to complete a task. It costs about ten bucks.

Divvy: This fourteen dollar app is the easiest to use windows managers. For all users who need a little help getting shortcuts and whatnots in order, this app is perfect. You can define your own key commands for resizing too.
Top 10 Apps for Mac that You Really Need

F.L.U.X: For anyone who uses the internet for work, staring at LCD screens results in an eye strain that is irksome in the least and painful at its worst. This app is great for adjusting the lighting and glare and does so automatically to protect your eyes.

Chrome Browser: Even though Safari is a good browser and long time support for Apple, Chrome is the best option for high speed internet surfing and it works great on Macs too. Best part is it syncs perfectly with all Google services.

Fluid: With the help of this free app you can set up different windows for specific websites of your choosing. So while browsing, you can keep your work separate and safe in different windows, giving a feel of different app instances.

Growl: This is a terrific premium paid service app which provides you with all the desktop notifications that you would require. You can even sync the app with your favorite social feeds such as Twitter, FaceBook or even cloud services such as DropBox.

SkyDrive: Cloud storage is a must no matter what system you use. And for Mac users, despite their being relative safety features and less threat of Mac monitoring software, storing data on SkyDrive is recommendable. The free version offers 7 GB of space and allows you to sync across devices.

Acorn: Perfect for editing photos for the everyday user. It is no Adobe photoshop but can get you some good quality edits. Perfect for tweaking your photos just enough to get you by.

Spotify: A great music streaming service so that you can listen while you carry on with your work. This app offers a free trial too. No real reason MAC users should be dependent on YouTube or waste space and time downloading.

Evernote: Let’s face it; at one point or the other, everyone needs help remembering tasks. Evernote is good for managing all tidbits of data spread across your notes, calendar events and so on.

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  1. Citrify, iPiccy, PicMonkey, Ribbet, FotoFlexer or Lunapic are great all round web based and FREE editing tools. Adobe, makers of the expensive Photoshop, has a free website version in Photoshop Express. If you are a former Picnik user than Picmonkey and Ribbet will be your best choices.